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Splatters - завязанная на физике головоломка, разрабатываемая студией SpikySnail Games. Игрок управляет рогаткой и снарядами из мармелада, которые должны уничтожить все бомбы конфетти. Главной особенностью Splatters являются физические свойства самих снарядов, которые могут прилипать к поверхностям или взорваться и облить сиропом весь уровень.

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Игра The Splatters находится в категории Лучшие игры на PC - Игры на PC. Игру разработала студия SpikySnail Games.

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The Splatters is a game that from first view feels like it should have been made for iOS rather than XBLA, but from the moment you start playing you will not regret your purchase. Game play is challenging but without ever become dull or too complex. It is only 800 Microsoft Points too and very much worth every penny you will pay.


Despite a few nitpicks here and there, I can't compliment it enough. The Splatters is a truly wonderful game, one that reminds us how terrific a platform Xbox Live Arcade was during its prime and still has the potential to be. Go add points to your account and download this immediately.


Don't let The Splatters' obscure XBLA release and goofy first impression scare you off. It's much better than the churning majority of physics puzzle games stinking up app stores and digital services these days. What you'll find is a quirky, funny arcade game that takes a lot more skill and timing than you'd expect. For puzzle and arcade fans it's definitely worth the 800 MS point price of admission.


The Splatters' simple mechanic of flinging liquid to destroy bombs feels like a cross between Angry Birds and Peggle in all the right ways. You have a lot of control over the direction of your flying splatters, but an element of luck (maybe too much) determines how many bombs you are able to take out. When you mess up, blaming the game is easy, but the successful runs make it worth trying again over and over.


A fun and addictive take on the physics puzzle genre, and one that brings something new and unique to the genre. While the whole of the experience isn't very long and there are a few frustrating control issues here and there, it's still an engaging experience with plenty to draw fans of the genre looking to get their hands dirty.


It certainly won't be troubling Angry Birds in terms of the number of downloads but this is an amiable, if derivative and repetitive, action puzzler all the same.

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