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Главной героиней является властительница элементов силы, девушка эльф, зовут которую Камио. С помощью матери Камео идет в дом к волшебнице Мистик, и с её помощью начинает поиск своей семьи. Прекрасная графика, фантастические саундтреки. Ценители данного жанра будут в восторге.

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Игра Kameo: Elements of Power находится в категории Лучшие игры на PC - Игры на PC. Игру разработала студия Rare.

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Одна из самых неоднозначных игр для Xbox 360 - красочная, увлекательная, но серьезно подпорченная - то там, то здесь.


It’s safe to say the story won’t blow you away, and the game could’ve been a tad longer overall, but what you have with Kameo is still a quality title that delivers a next-gen experience that truly feels like it comes from the next generation.


Its cutesy image may not appeal to the hardcore crowd, but the core game is nearly flawless. It’s a game that you’ll want to continue playing – it doesn’t feel like “work”. The characters are imaginative, the visuals are outstanding, and the game is downright fun.


It's packed with clever and entertaining action, not to mention some of the most highly impressive, razor-sharp graphics you've ever seen, along with terrific music and sound. Kameo feels rather disjointed at first, and it's not a particularly long game, but it ultimately provides a rousing, memorable journey.


Kameo has ideal combination of gameplay components culled from different genres; the elements were simply good on their own, but when combined together, they make for a great game.


There are numerous moments of creative genius, which are all too rare in today’s cookie cutter games. The moving music, clever character designs and topnotch production values overshadow some of the gameplay elements, but it never stops the game from being fun.


A respectable adventure, but it drives players forward with its visual content and not its gameplay. [Jan 2006, p.144]

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