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Тяжело быть изгоем — идти по жизни без друзей, терпеть постоянные насмешки и издевки. Особенно трудно, когда не понимаешь, в чем ты провинился перед жестоким миром. В столь скверной ситуации оказался подросток Наруто, которого возненавидела вся деревня. А ведь когда-то, сам того не осознавая, он спас ее от уничтожения. Страшный девятихвостый демон-лис атаковал поселок Коноха. Сильнейшие ниндзя, не сумев убить чудовище, сложили головы на поле боя. Тогда старейшина собрал последние крупицы сил и заточил дух демона в тело младенца-Наруто. Вождь деревни погиб как герой, а малыш стал вместилищем для исчадия ада.

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Игра Naruto: Rise of a Ninja находится в категории Лучшие игры на PC - Игры на PC. Игру разработала студия Ubisoft Studios.

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Обзоры Naruto: Rise of a Ninja


Forget the other Naruto games; Naruto: Rise of a Ninja is the best one of the bunch … believe it.


Surprisingly enjoyable. Once you get past the first hour, the single-player campaign becomes a real treat. And the combat system, while not deep, is a lot of fun.


Naruto: Rise of the Ninja is not one of the best ninja games to hit the market, but it is one of the best anime-based games ever released.


The game looks phenomenal. Vivid colors blanket the backgrounds and characters alike, and the detail work, from waving grass to rippling waterfalls, is remarkable. While the plot and humor at play here rarely reaches for anything beyond immature power fantasy, the gameplay package is far more than you (or I) would have expected.


Despite certain underdeveloped elements, this is the most ambitious and accessible Naruto game yet.


The phrase "one for the fans" has never been applied more honestly than in this case; it may be flawed, but we're happy to recommend Rise of a Ninja to Naruto fans - albeit with a few reservations. Believe it.


Rise of a Ninja, if nothing else, is undoubtedly a good foundation for something better the next time around. The graphics are fantastic, and running and jumping around the Naruto world is as convincing as it is compelling. If only the activities of this world were made of sterner stuff than rote replication of the source material's events or mind-numbing coin-collecting chores.

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