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Alan Wake: The Signal - первое дополнение для оригинальной игры Alan Wake. Происходящее в мире The Signal больше всего напоминает страшный сон. Уже знакомый нам писатель подвергнется еще большим опасностям, а границы между кошмаром и реальностью станут почти неразличимы. Причудливые пейзажи становятся все реальнее, враги - все сильнее, и вам вновь приходится рассчитывать лишь на себя и на свой фонарик. Помимо захватывающего сюжета в The Signal игроков ждут новые локации и элементы игрового процесса.

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Игра Alan Wake: The Signal находится в категории Лучшие игры на PC - Игры на PC. Игру разработала студия Remedy Entertainment.

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Образцовое скачиваемое дополнение, которому не хватает только одного — большей продолжительности.


As a free download, The Signal is certainly a treat. The story is as warped as ever with taught writing and a style that never becomes too self-serious.


You might get the impression that Remedy is stringing you along what feels like a never-ending nightmare, but in this case, it's a trip worth taking.


For anyone who bought Alan Wake, played through to the end and loved every minute, be sure to download The Signal. It is largely more of the same than an innovative step forward, so if you were not wowed by Wake's adventure the first time round, this new episode is unlikely to convert you.


The Signal is, simply put, another episode in Alan Wake's nightmare. This direct follow-up to the story of the main game doesn't answer all the questions one might have, but opens up another chapter for the writer, and also introduces some new situations - a variety we can only welcome. It's clearly destined to those who finished the main game first, and since it's free for all who bought the game, it would be a shame not to play it!


The Signal is a solid DLC with fresh gameplay ideas, but a short playtime (90 min.) and not so much progression through the story. Looking forward to The Writer.


The story in Alan Wake's first downloadable episode lacks a purpose, but exciting combat and a moody atmosphere make this a good addition.


So I'd rather play an erratic instalment of Alan Wake than a highly polished cover-shooter clone, because even when it fails, the former gives me something to think about in the ensuing days. Put another way, The Signal gets better the more I don't play it.

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