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Dance Central - интерактивная танцевальная игра от Harmonix Music Systems. Dance Central - игра для тех, кому не хватает танцев и музыки. С помощью контроллера Kinect игрок сможет ощутить себя звездой танцпола и зажечь всю публику! В игре будут присутствовать разные режимы, от батлов, и хореографии до коллективных танцев.

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Игра Dance Central находится в категории Лучшие игры на PC - Игры на PC. Игру разработала студия Harmonix Music Systems.

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Обзоры Dance Central


None of its flaws, though, detract Dance Central from justifying Kinect and revolutionizing the rhythm dance genre. It spearheads not just a movement in new video game technology, but also the inherent connection between dance and downright fun.


Ultimately, if you've invested in a Kinect, this is definitely the game you must pick up to showcase to your friends and justify your purchase.


Investing hours in a game that rewards you for some degree of athleticism and coordination is not only an incredible workout, but ultimately makes you feel like a better dancer in the end. Dance Central shines among Kinect's otherwise bleak launch lineup and is undoubtedly a step in the right direction for the hardware.


Dance Central is not perfect, but at its core there is plenty of enthralling entertainment to be found.


Dance Central welcomes wallflowers and hot steppers out on the dance floor with great routines and engaging visuals.


The best Kinect title to date. Great movement detection and a fairly good tracklist (allthough a little skinny). The lack of a story mode is still a shame, without it Dance Central is no more than a (very funny) party game.


When Dance Central works, the feeling is borderline euphoric - in the blood-pumping, serotonin-inducing way that only dancing can be - as you find yourself stringing moves you learnt individually into coherent routines. [Christmas 2010, p.94]