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TNA iMPACT! - эксклюзивная игра, созданная по мотивам сверхпопулярного телевизионного шоу, посвященного реслингу. Выберите свой стиль в реслинге, узнайте самые зрелищные и эффективные приемы, завоюйте любовь зрителей - и станьте абсолютным чемпионом! Только в TNA iMPACT! вы встретите целую плеяду великих реслеров из телевизора! Курт Энгл, Джефф Джаретт, Носорог, монстроид Джо-Самоанец, Эй-Джей Стайлз, Стинг, Кристиан Кейдж, Разлом и другие звезды реслинга полностью в вашем распоряжении!

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Игра TNA iMPACT! находится в категории Лучшие игры на PC - Игры на PC. Игру разработала студия Midway Games.

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Where TNA loses marks is in its rather featureless presentation. Multiplayer is decent, but the no-frills framework doesn't leave you with much to do. The story mode is fun, but no replacement for a genuine career mode, while the available options can't help but pale alongside SmackDown's over-stocked buffet.


In terms of gameplay Midway is off to a solid start, putting together a control system that's both easy to grasp and hard to master. With more variety in the roster, an improved move set and more game modes future TNA games could take the wrestling belt, but for now it'll have to make do with being a very worthy challenger.


The character models are excellent while the animation is fluid and lively, but the physics of fighting definitely lack polish and can create some frustrating situations. Yet despite these technical shortcomings, it's still great fun to clothesline, drop kick, and power bomb your friends in and out of the ring.


If you're a fan of wrestling games, then TNA iMPACT! is worth renting out some wrestling boots for, alternatively keep your eyes peeled for hopefully a much more feature packed sequel... or rather the soon to be released, SmackDown vs. Raw 2009.


TNA iMPACT! had a lot of potential, but it didn't follow through on most of it. Beyond the limited/repetitive moves, lackluster CAW, and scaled back online, my main problem is that iMPACT! doesn't feel like real wrestling.


TNA Impact reminds me of a bratty little kid. You know the type, always running around making bold claims, kicking people in the shins, and talking about how big and strong he’s going to be when he grows up. Since he’s just a kid, you have to give him the benefit of the doubt — someday he might accomplish impressive things. However, right now he’s still just a punk.

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