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В Fusion: Genesis, игроки берут на себя управление космическими звездолётами через изометрическую перспективу. Следуя одному из шести сценариев, герои смогут стать хранителями мира, наёмниками или вольными торговцами. Всего на выбор представлено более сотни космических кораблей, с различными улучшаемыми параметрами. Кроме того, Fusion: Genesis позволяет использовать в бою около 40 умений и открывает доступ к 200 бортовым орудиям.

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Игра Fusion: Genesis находится в категории Лучшие игры на PC - Игры на PC. Игру разработала студия Starfire Studios.

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A surprising and admirable game, one of the best for Xbox Live Arcade this year. If you are looking for a frantic shoot'em up you should look at other games, but those willing to explore the space in a deep and engaging game will have a lot of fun.


A game that resonates hard with my sci-fi nerd obsessions. It's the kind of stuff I imagine Han Solo was doing before bumping into Luke at the cantina, with a bit of a Battlestar Galactica pace and a Firefly tone.


Fusion: Genesis doesn't invite players to play. If you're willing to come over by yourself and invest a little time and effort in this game, it has a lot to offer. A tutorial may be the answer to a broader audience. Now only the few who persist will get a great game with an even greater universe.


Fusion: Genesis is like a house made of different colored and shaped bricks, but no mortar. It's fun to play with the individual elements yet it all feels a bit unstable as a whole. Still, if you are a big fan of twin-stick shooters and space sims, and if you can overlook its faults while playing it casually, you can still get plenty of hours worth of enjoyment out of it.


Had Starfire focussed on just a couple of elements rather than trying to be all things to all players, had it made the quests more varied, the progression more enticing, this could have been the start of something really special. As it stands, it's the epitome of a game trying to be a jack-of-all-trades, sadly mastering little.

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