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DanceMasters – танцевальная игра, разработанная специально для использования контроллера движения Kinect. Танцуйте сами и с друзьями в интернете. Выбирайте любую музыку и вперёд. В DanceMasters можно будет играть вчетвером, и при этом находиться в разных концах света. Также, DanceMasters предложит игроку огромное количество танцевальных треков на любой вкус - от хип-хопа и R&B до попсы.

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Игра DanceMasters находится в категории Лучшие игры на PC - Игры на PC. Игру разработала студия Konami.

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Anyone can jump in and enjoy DanceMasters instantly, but those looking to truly master the game will find a long, rewarding process ahead of them.


For now, Dance Evolution takes advantage of the Kinect and if you're looking for a fun game and like dancing, well my backing dancers... you've come to the right place!


DanceMasters is not a terrible game, just one that has been overshadowed by its competition.


The tracking is okay, but the track list has been chosen with a lot of courage. Players with a liking for dancing should get Dance Central, but if you're into the reflex-focused gaming like DDR, try Dance Evolution.


I would recommend Dance Central over DanceMasters any day of the week, though there is a certain charm to DanceMasters that will appeal to the folks that frequented DDR-friendly arcades back in the day.


But this game is also clunky, burdened with terrible songs and much too weird for most people. It's a quirky alternative to Dance Central, but not a competitor.


Though the novel camera feature fuels some goofy fun, DanceMasters only holds lasting appeal for dedicated dance fiends.