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Space Ark - ретро аркада с примесью головоломки от Strawdog Studios. Разработчиков вхдохновили классические аркады конца 80-ых годов и они решили сделать "старую" аркаду на новый лад! Блуждающая черная дыра уничтожила и повредила много планет, оставляя их непригодными для жилья. Жители Космического Ковчега (Space Ark) прилетают на непригодные планеты и восстанавливают их, для того чтобы беженцы могли возвратиться домой.

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Игра Space Ark находится в категории Лучшие игры на PC - Игры на PC. Игру разработала студия Strawdog Studios.

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If Bubble Bobble, Rainbow Islands and Arkanoid had a saucy three-way, Space Ark would be the love child.


Space Ark is a charming hybrid of a handful of classic arcade games. Its combination of score-beating arcade mentality, and devious puzzle elements in the later stages, make it shine against the murky backdrop of lesser XBLA titles.


Overall, Space Ark is an enjoyable title and a great addition to Xbox Live Arcade. It’s a new take on an old formula and the developer has succeeded in creating a enjoyable title.


Space Ark is a decent kids game, and it will probably hold the attention of an adult for a good couple of hours, but eventually the repetition begins to grate, and staring into the hypnotic disney-eyes of the Arkonauts becomes slightly disturbing as you begin to wonder whether they can see into your soul.


Though Space Ark is a visual riot of bright pastels, sparkly special effects, and supermarket-circular-burst graphics, it'd be a stretch to say it ever becomes truly exciting. [July 2010, p.85]

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