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Culdcept SAGA расскажет нам о путешествии принцессы и её верного защитника. Им предстоит освободить свои земли от гнета своих злейших врагов. Принцесса и её защитник обладают даром призывать могучих волшебных зверей, именно они будут помогать принцессе в этой не легкой борьбе. В игре присутствует более 450 карт с разными животными и магическими заклинаниями.

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Игра Culdcept Saga находится в категории Лучшие игры на PC - Игры на PC. Игру разработала студия Omiya Soft.

На этой странице Вы найдете - системные требования Culdcept Saga и дата выхода, а также описание, обзоры и полное прохождение игры Culdcept Saga.

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If you give it a chance, you’ll be amazed by how difficult it is to put Culdcept Saga down. We found ourselves pulled away from Devil May Cry 4, Burnout Paradise and Supreme Commander, all to jump into another match of cardbased tit-for-tat.


Regardless of its obvious shortcomings, Culdcept Saga is an addictive, unique and just plain fun little game that is jam packed with content.


A unique card collection board game that will appeal to more gamers than just the usual suspects. However, if you typically hate this kind of game then Culdcept SAGA will not convert you.


Culdcept SAGA is not for everybody. This is a slow-paced game with ugly graphics, a steep learning curve, and a terrible story line. Yet despite all of those imperfections, this is one adventure game that I will wholeheartedly endorse ... just as long as you're the kind of gamer that can handle it.


Culdcept Saga doesn't do its best to be accessible and easy to appreciate, and that's probably its biggest downfall. But, when you get past the incredibly steep learning curve, insane match times, and sometimes cheap AI, you'll find a deep, rewarding strategy gaming experience.


As a strategy board game, Culdcept Saga integrates luck and skill well enough to be generally entertaining, and even more so if you are prone to obsession when it comes to collection and optimization. [Feb 2008, p.101]


Culdcept Saga isn’t a good game. It rests too heavily on the original’s mechanics and doesn’t tread any new ground aside from the requisite Xbox Live play.

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