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You're in the Movies - это уникальный проект для Xbox 360, в котором для каждого игрока найдется главная роль. Здесь вам не нужно управлять посторонними персонажами и проживать чужие жизни. Благодаря цифровой камере Xbox LIVE Vision, которая поставляется в комплекте, на экране оказываетесь лично вы! Участвуя в разнообразных аттракционах, вы совершаете простые движения, которые фиксируются камерой и переносятся в виртуальный мир. Затем отдельные фрагменты "сшиваются" в целый короткометражный фильм, который можно показать друзьям и знакомым. А если они тоже захотят попробовать себя в актерском ремесле, вы легко организуете коллективные съемки!

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You're in the Movies, will easily appeal to kids, but adults are sure to find this game just as entertaining.


If four players do a round of You're in the Movies, a round will take approx. 30 minutes of time. It is an entertaining game, but there are some technical problems concerning shadows, light and distance. Another problem is that the mini games get boring after a short time.


Playing mini-games and watching a movie featuring yourself and your friends is fun the first few times, but it wears off fast. The game does a good job of including everyone and providing a fun time, and the Director's Mode extends its value, but if you already own the camera and get tired of party games easily, perhaps there isn't a good enough reason to jump into this purchase.


The whole production’s chintzy Hollywood feel is just right, and there’s plenty to keep its target audience entertained. [Jan 2009, p.90]


You’re in the Movies is largely a technological failure, making the game impossible to play at times. It’s fun to participate in the different minigames for a while, but the only reward is a minute-long trailer that is way too short to include enough images from the efforts everyone’s made during playing.


Although this will amuse to begin with, it won’t be long before you wish you had saved your cash for something else.


You're in the Movies is a box-office bust, despite featuring your own recognizable stars.


The pacing is bad, the activities are boring, the Vision Camera is an annoyance and handcuffs the entire experience, and the payoff for all of your hardships isn’t fulfilling in the slightest.

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