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В Fable Heroes, игроки выбирают одного из четырёх героев, и отправляются исследовать волшебный мир Альбиона. Герои должны сражаться с противниками и собирать монеты, которые затем можно тратить на новые предметы, улучшения и персонажей.

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Игра Fable Heroes находится в категории Лучшие игры на PC - Игры на PC. Игру разработала студия Lionhead Studios.

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Fable Heroes, a spin-off in the renowned Fable franchise, is definitely worth playing for the Fable fans in their wait for the still unannounced Fable IV. Compare it to a nice piece of music you listen to while waiting for help at customer service. With a high replay value, for 800 Microsoft Points, Fable Heroes is certainly worth your money.


I wish I would have gotten more connecting factors to the original Fable out of this spin off – what remains is a nice beat 'em up for co-op fans without real highlights.


Разработчикам Fable Heroes нужно отдать должное – очередной заход на территорию аркадных игр обернулся ненавязчивым, но вполне бодрым экшеном, а не еще одной бессмысленной и скучной Fable II Pub Games. Но все же хочется, чтобы в The Journey все было гораздо лучше.


Fable Heroes is a fun, simple way to wait for The Journey. Keep in mind that you'll really need some friends to enjoy it, otherwise you'll end up playing for a really short time.


Fable Heroes does a good job of keeping you entertained if you are new to the hack 'n slash mechanics and you love the Fable universe.


By turns clumsy and clever, annoying and addictive, Fable Heroes isn't as different from the series that inspired it as it initially seems to be. It turns out one of the golden rules of being Albion's king also applies here: surround yourself with good people and you'll enjoy yourself all the more.


Fable Heroes' appeal is all Fable, rather than its elaborations on the well-worn, side-scrolling brawler. Played in a group, there's a knockabout charm in vying to emerge the victor, but unlike those gold coins there's not quite enough longterm value beneath the outer sheen.


The playful visuals hardly compensate for old ideas and mundane action. Hardcore Fable nerds may find something of interest by drudging through the brief campaign. It's an amusing but empty distraction.


Грустно, но обещанные еще девять лет назад деревья, растущие в реальном времени, так похоже, никогда не вырастут.