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Deca Sports Freedom - интерактивная спортивная аркада от Hudson. Kinect будет просчитывать все ваши движения в режиме реального времени и отображать их на экране телевизора. Должно быть весело! Deca Sports Freedom – это эдакая Wii Sports для Xbox 360. Игрока ожидают 10 спортивных игр - теннис, бокс, стрельба из лука, пейнтбол, пляжный волейбол, доджбол, кендо, фигурное катание, сноубординг и катание на лыжах. Можно пригласить друзей и соревноваться в разных видах спорта.

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Игра Deca Sports Freedom находится в категории Лучшие игры на PC - Игры на PC. Игру разработала студия Hudson Soft.

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Sports Island Freedom introduces ten sports, including the all-time-favorite tennis, beach volleyball, dodge ball, archery and paintball. Unfortunately, as the control is inaccurate, the game quickly gets annoying.


Sports Island Freedom is a bad game. This Hudson's franchise wasn't good on the Wii, and now it's really clumsy even on Xbox 360, due to its control problems. The sports selection is quite good, but the final result doesn't match Kinect Sports'.


For some reason, I get déjà vu while I'm playing this game because surely the developers, especially Hudson would have learnt by now that games like this are not acceptable on the Nintendo Wii, especially on the XBox 360.


Overall Sports Island Freedom is probably the worst game I've ever had to review. The best advice I can give you is don't purchase this game and instead purchase Kinect Sports or Motion Sports, either or will be a thousand times better and much more fun.


Creatively and conceptually bankrupt.

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