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Fighters Uncaged - одна из первых игр в файтинге, где контроллером выступает тело игрока, благодаря использованию Kinect. Игра позволит выполнять около семидесяти различных ударов, используемых в боевых искусствах, и состязаться в разных локациях, включая крыши, темные аллеи и городские доки. Игрок сможет наносить своим противникам разрушительные комбо-удары и повышать уровни своего персонажа, открывая новые скиллы.

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Игра Fighters Uncaged находится в категории Лучшие игры на PC - Игры на PC. Разработчик игры - Ubisoft Studios.

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Console Monster

Fighters Uncaged is a nice addition to the Kinect library but ultimately is lacks substance, which prevents it from ever becoming a 'Must Have' game. An interesting diversion but once the game has brutally punched your face off, you will be unlikely to return for a second round.


Worth Playing

Fighters Uncaged shows promise but nothing else.



In conclusion, Fighters Uncaged lacks any real gaming substance and although I can appreciate what the developers were trying to achieve, they really needed to test this game before releasing it in order to jump on the Kinect Launch bandwagon.


Cheat Code Central

Fighters Uncaged doesn't offer nearly enough content, and much of it is hidden behind artificial content walls. Most of the fighters are much the same.


Gamereactor Denmark

The game is tedious and lacks variety, even though it claims to have over 70 moves. You have to go through seemingly endless repetition to unlock new opponents, and the actual combat is slow and boring. A waste of time.



While the intent was there, Fighters Uncaged comes off as a failed experiment that should be avoided if you're looking to see the potential of Kinect.


Eurogamer Italy

Fighters Uncaged is the perfect anti-game. The main idea is kinda interesting, but the way it has been realized is really horrible. The game fails to register most of the movements, and huge lag problems transform Fighters Uncaged in one of the most broken games of this generation.



The best aspect of Fighters Uncaged is that it can now be used as a blueprint for a book on "How Not to Create a Kinect Game". Avoid Fighter's Uncaged; it'll only aggravate and show you the downsides of motion-controlled video games.



Fighters Uncaged has few content, and is flawed by a poor movement recognition and an underwhelming game system. Its atmosphere is non-existent, the opponents are more of a joke than a challenge. Steer away from that game.

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