ETS 2: Новый Реалистичный интерьер Actros. Версия 1.2 (UK) для Euro Truck Simulator 2

Установка и инструкции

Новый Реалистичный интерьер Actros. Версия 1.2

Realistic New Actros interior - 1.2

Добавлена версия для UK Великобритания.
Версия: 1.2
Release date: 2015.05.30
Версия игры: 1.18.х

Idea, testing, support: GlenniBoy
Tweaking: davidzoli
Others: SCS Software original models, SweetSoulSister Steel texture, DeviantArt
Softwares: Blender+Blender2SCS add-on, ZModeler, PS, Sublime Text Важно:
- Этот мод заменяет оригинальный СКС Mercedes Actros интерьер модели и анимацию.

Скриншоты здесь: Modding list - Interior variant texture rework. Better wood color and bushed steel texture.
- Chrome parking brake lever and buttons border in both interior
- Realistic dashboard buttons color
- Painted icons on turn indicator, wiper and retarder levers
- Analog istruments ring color
- Tachograph and AC display content, light
- New Actros emblem on passengers side
- AC knobs markers and icons
- Lighting icons near air vent
- Bigger dashboard menu titles, smaller km/h on Speed page
- No seat adjusment limits based on viewtopic.php?f=34&t=161589

- More variants

- This mod replaces the original SCS Mercedes Actros interior model and animation.
- Please request only realistic things and attach picture or video.
- Please dont request anchor points for interior accessories/mod packs
- All feedback and bug report are welcome.

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