ETS 2: Bennekeben in Sneepels V8 sound modes with V 1.0 для Euro Truck Simulator 2

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Звук V8 для грузовиков Scania - Три разный двигателя 680,730,1000 для всех видов Scania - Новый звук двигателя - Новый звук воздушного клапона - Новый звук Motorbrake - Громкий звук сигнала - Подробнее смотреть на видео - Больше информации о моде орегинал текста от автора - Оригинальный текст !!! With this mod, Im trying for something new ... this is my first attempt sneepels Scania V8 engine sound Watch the video as it sounds in the game .. Better to play with manual shift transmission, so now you can really enjoy the whole rev / min ratio engines deliver I added some special sound effects to try to simulate as realistically as possible, but I do have some limitations, to convert it into the right side of the game. To really make the engine roar, keep it just above 2400rpm. This will make a nice sound beater. you must be under a certain load and make the sound work. when not underload turns on throtle will go fast and it will activate the sound turns to 2490rpm. Gazuy in a rush or just keep drossel..izmenit speed of sound. This mod also fully autonomous except fact, he needed a truck for work Stand alone? U keep their original sounds, and if U already used Scania sound modes simply add sneepels modes and the sounds will work depending on at which engine to choose ... U !! has its own engines and sounds and will not cause any other sound mods. Whats in this mod? --------- In V8 Sneepels sound for Scania trucks 3 different types of engines sound for Scania model Poos, Tcab, rationalization, 50Keda Reworked Sneepels Ghass72 skin in black and Customizable colors in spray shop Reworked VenTyres wheel with different colors in Sneepels blue, black, white + red in stock Custom Creation -------- Autonomous soundmod Custom designed engine sounds Poos for Scania / Tcab and rationalization, 50Keda 3 liter engines 680,730,1000. p. 3 additional color Ventyres Sneepels blue, black, white Reworked Black sneepels skin from ghass72 + Custom color changer in sprayshop New sound shift New engine sounds New air valve sounds New sound motorbrake Loud Horn Sneepels converting sound recordings The special effect of the engine by Bennekeben Other stock truck sounds remain sound Reverse signal On / Off Engine Blinkers and t. d .. SCA wagon. -------------- Updates? ----- Likely ... Ill update to fine-tune a more realistic delo..kogda I have time for it if u have any suggestions to help or to ask questions, do not hesitate to contact @ or @ to couple our ery.modov ^^ Bennekeben Тест на версии 1.16.хх - Авторы - Bennekeben,Ghass72,Ventyres

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