ETS 2: Уникальный звук для Volvo FH VIKING для Euro Truck Simulator 2

Установка и инструкции

Модификация добавляет уникальный и реалистичный звук для Volvo FH VIKING.

Распаковать архив в папку My DocumentsEuro Truck Simulator 2mod
Не забудьте активировать мод в профиле игры.

Оригинальный Текст Unique Volvo FH Sound Mod VIKING
Volvo FH Sound Mods for SCS Euro Truck Simulator 2. The Vikings
To install the mods, simply download the .rar archive from the SCS Software Forum at section Euro Truck Simulator 2/ Mods/Others, then next thing go to your download folder and then
Extract from RAR. the file scs wich is for stock scs Volvo FH16 zzzzZVolvo_FH16_Viking_SCs.scs, then drop file in the archive My DocumentsEuro Truck Simulator 2mod
And do the exact same steps for the Mod Volvo FH Classic by Peerke V1.2 zzzzzzZzZVolvo_FH13_Viking.scs.
The sound was tested with a loaded truck as well as just the truck without any trailer attached.
This Sound Mod is totaly independe from other sound mods.
This is Realistic and Autentic Sound Engine of Volvo Straight Pipes! Sounds are realistic recorded, rpms interior, exterior, exhausts, horn, blinkers, startup and shutdown and many more!
This Sounds engine are not evented as they are realistic and real life from Volvo FH16/FH12.

And also!
Dont forget to activate the mods in your game profile or they wont work!
Before choosing your profile, select it and click the Edit button.
On the right hand side select which mods you want to activate.

For Best Sound Expirience recomend use headphones 5.1 or Speakers 5.1 and true sound came a live!

Important!! -->Sound Mods VikkerOne and VikkerTwo Use same sound files and settings.
*[Added] New Real Life Sounds Interior HQ FH 16/13
*[Added] New totaly redesign sii file and new sounds.
*[Added] New Rebuilded and Fixed Sounds Idle and max rpms new sets.
*[Added] Corrected many other sounds.
*[Added] New and real volvos air pressure sounds, braking sounds and gear change sounds.
All Sounds are real volvo sounds and not any invented sounds! 100% Pure Volvo FH.

Important notes about this mod!
Atention!: Sound mod VolvoFH13 VikkerTwo only works with Volvo FH Classic by Peerke 1.2.

Important notes!!
Dont use this for commercial purposes! Also dont post this on other web sites or forums without my explicit permission!
Mod files will not be locked but respect my work and the others if you expect more sound mods from me in the future, ALL SOUND FILES HAVE MY CODED COPYRIGHT BRAND!
For use or change or combinations of my sounds with your sounds also ask for permission due the respect! And give always the credits! Thank you.
Thats all, have fun with your FH monster dont forget to go and watch my videos on youtube for news!
With best regards and respect ComandoreOne

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