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Skyrim HD - 2K Textures by NebuLa
Версия 1,5:
- Переделан Маркарт
- ... В том числе текстуры Двемерских Руин
- Исправлены ошибки текстур из HD DLC
- HD отражения для брони/стекла

Другие небольшие изменения:

- Вайтран: Новые текстуры второй городской стены
- Вайтран:: Новые текстуры пола.
- Вайтран: Новая лесопилка
- Виндхельм: Новые текстуры могил
- Пейзаж: Новые текстуры ледника
- Пейзаж: Новые реки
- Небо: Новый свет солнца


- Фермы: Переделаны деревья
- Вайтран: Изменен кафель на земле
- Вайтран: Улучшены изделия из дерева
- Пейзаж: Улучшены текстуры песчаного пляжа
- Пейзаж: Исправлена ​​ошибки текстур камней в океане
- Пейзаж: скорректированная льду болота текстуры
- Виндхельм: Исправления в нескольких текстурах

Проект, который делает мир Skyrim с текстурами HD разрешения. Заменено около трех сотен текстур мира игры.

Желательно, используйте последнюю версию WinRAR

Оригинальное описание =============

Skyrim HD is a project for texture enhancement in Skyrim.

The achived texture resolution is 4-8x 2-8k resolution bigger than the original ones and still

2x - 8x bigger than the Bethesda HD DLC. All the textures are made from scratch.

=Changed textures=

Landscape all textures


- Whiterun

- Windhelm

- Farmhouses

- Solitude

- Markarth


- Stars

- Galaxy

- Sunglare


- Water surface

- Rain Ripples

- Water fog

- Water streams


- Barkeeper

- Blacksmith


- Sellingbar

- Blacksmith Items

- Carts

- Dresser

- Firewood/Ash/Burned wood

- Stockades

- Alchemy workbench

- Enchanting workbench

- Barrels

- Furniturewood


- Basic Ground Texture

- Dwemer Ruins


- Reflections

- LOD Textures

- Fixes texture Bugs from Beths HD DLC



Major stuff

- Markarth redone

- ...including Dwemer Ruins textures

- Fixed the texture bugs from the HD DLC

- HD reflections for armor/glass including almost all potions/glass containers

- New major LOD textures to match my textures

Other small new stuff

- Whiterun: New 2nd city wall texture You can see it behind the throne in dragonsreach

- Whiterun: New slate floor texture in Dragonsreach

- Whiterun: New Housewood/Thatch normal map

- Windhelm: New Grave textures

- Landscape: New Glacier textures

- Landscape: New River Edge texture

- Sky: New Sunglare


- Farmhouses: Doors redone

- Whiterun: Tiled Stone ground adjusted

- Whiterun: Stone mortar adjusted

- Whiterun: Wood Carvings enhanced

- Clutter: Adjusted Enchanting Workbench

- Landscape: Edited the beach sand texture

- Landscape: Fixed tiling issue of ocean floor texture

- Landscape: Adjusted marsh ice texture

- Windhelm: Several texture fixes


- Added Solitude textures


- new Farmhouse textures > affects Dawnstar, Riverwood and many other places

- 4K Barkeeper/Blacksmith Clothes

- redone all the Blacksmith items 2K and 4K Textures

- new Furniture textures 2K and 4K

- new 4K Alchemy Workbench

- many other new clutter textures

- adjusted the Full version for better Performance

- some Minor fixes


- ALL the Landscape textures have been completely remade

-> also included: 2K Roads, 4K Mountains, 2K Cliffs and some 8K Tree textures

- 4K Water texture

- 2K Rain Ripples

- 4K Stars

- 4K Galaxy

- 2K Sunglare

- 2K Foam texture

- 2K Whiterun textures

- 2K Windhelm textures

- 2K Dungeon ground

- 2K Selling Bar Global

=System Requirements=

Keep in mind: This is a huge texture replacement and the textures are

much bigger then the original ones, so your loading times will increase.


I recommend a minimum of 4GB of RAM with a 64 Bit OS.

VRAM Memory of your Graphics Card:

For the FULL Version I recommend 1,2GB or more VRAM.

As said, you can try with less, but keep in mind that you may get performance drops.

The LITE Version is also fluidly playable for Cards with <�1GB VRAM.

Remember that the fps dont only depend on your card

This is my setup, where everything works fluid 30 fps in worst case:

CPU: Intel Core i7 2600K

GPU: nVidia GTX 570 1.25 GB


HDD: OCZ RevoDrive

Resolution: 1080p

REMEMBER: Everything mentioned above is JUST for my Mod. If you installed many other Mods,

this could be diffrent.


Do you want everything?

1. Copy the Data folder from your downloaded archive in the Skyrim folder.

2. Start the Skyrim Launcher and look for the Data Files.

3. Be sure that all the files, starting with Skyrim HD are enabled.

4. Start the game and have fun.

Do you want to customize your installation?

The diffrent parts of Skyrim HD are splitted into diffrent files.

1. Drop the parts you want into your Skyrim/Data folder.

2. Start the Skyrim Launcher and look for the Data Files.

3. Be sure that all the files, starting with Skyrim HD are enabled.

4. Start the game and have fun.

Note: You can customize everything and also mix parts between the Lite and Full version.

Additional Info:

- The files are compatible with the HD DLC from Bethesda. If you enable both, the HD DLC

and Skyrim HD, my pack will overwrite the textures that are diffrent.

- The plugin Skyrim HD Full - Clutter and Clothes includes the fixes for the HD DLC


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