Fallout 3: Снятие ограничения уровня для Fallout 3

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Дополнение увеличивает планку максимального уровня. Для установки копируйте файлы из архива в Fallout 3Data, затем подключайте ESP файл который вам нужен, один поднимает максимум до 30-го уровня другой до 40-го.

Increases the level cap to the number represented in the ESPs filename - either 30 or 40.

The game already has correct XP values for each level, and you continue to gain Perks and Skill Points as normal. Basically just plug it in and level the hell up.

Big props to everyone at #Fallout3Modding for their help, especially throttlekitty, Rheikon, Lightzy, Citric_Acid, etc., qzilla from the Bethsoft forums for the idea to modify existing GMSTs, and trithreat for the closeallmenus tip.

- If your skills end up maxed out, levelling up will lock the game on the skill screen. For this reason I recommend sticking with the 30-level cap, but if youre willing to take the risk you go right ahead and use the 40.

- I havent tested enemy scaling past level 20. Let me know how it works out for you.

- To prove it works, type:

getGS iMaxCharacterLevel

and see what value it gives you.

- If you happen to get all your skills maxed out and are stuck in the Add Skill Points menu, open the console ~ and enter this command:


this will close the Level Up menu and allow you to keep playing.


1. Download the file and place it anywhere on your computer.

2. Open the file using 7-zip to extract the two ESPs from it.

3. Place these two ESPs in this folder: Bethesda SoftworksFallout 3Data

4. Load Fallout 3 - on the splash screen Play / Data Files / Options / Etc., choose Data Files.

5. Put a checkmark next to the ESP you want to use either MaxLevel30 or MaxLevel40.

6. Play. 0

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