Fallout 3: Rogue Hallows IronSights для Fallout 3

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Название: Rogue Hallows IronSights
Автор: Rogue Hallow Media
Версия: 0.8b
Источник: fallout3nexus.com
Адрес на первоисточнике: www.fallout3nexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=6938

Описание: После установки этого мода, при нажатии ПКМ по умолчанию отвечает за прицеливание ГГ переместит оружие к центру экрана, как показано на скриншотах.


Original publish date: 09.07.09

This mod alters the models, animations, and GECK settings of most vanilla Small Guns to allow centered iron sight aiming and firing.

In order to install the RH_IronSights aiming system, you need five essential files:

* The .esm
* The animation package
* The model package, part 1: Pistols
* The model package, part 2: Rifles
* The model package, part 3: Automatics

Copy the contents of the included Data folders to your games Data folder, merging any subfolders and overwriting files when asked. Make sure RH_IRONSIGHTS.esm is checked in FOMM before starting the game.

Only when all of these components have been installed will the centered iron sights animations function properly.

Also, custom weapons which have not been adjusted for iron sights will not center properly! Please do not complain if your brand new M4A1 model looks crooked using my system. A tutorial for adding new weapons to the RH_IronSights system is in the works.

To uninstall, remove the folders RH_IronSights from the Meshes and Textures folders. Remove RH_IRONSIGHTS.esm and any RH_IronSights plugins from your Data folder. Restore vanilla animations using the backup package.

Please do not repackage or republish any part of this mod this will change as the mod nears completion.

Thanks to everyone who has given me advice and feedback! I couldnt have done it without you.


На странице http://game-score.ru/mods/126575-fallout-3-rogue-hallows-ironsights.html вы можете найти и скачать Fallout 3: Rogue Hallows IronSights для Fallout 3.


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