Fallout 3: Lost Wanderers (v1.0) для Fallout 3

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Lost Wanderers v1.0


Fallout 3
Fallout Script Extender*
Fallout Mod Manager*
Broken Steel
EVE - Energy Visuals Enhanced

* Im not sure if these are required. I have them, and I havent tested this mod without them. If you dont have them, and the mod works for you, then great. Otherwise, get them, then use this mod. Oh, and please post a message telling others whether or not these things are required.

Optional but highly recommended:

Mothership Zeta
Operation: Anchorage

You dont need these, but I without them, the ARC quest will seem odd because all the weapons arent in the game.


ARC is a quest which begins in Vault 101 as you escape. It takes you on a mission to find thirteen weapons left across the wasteland by a mysterious man by the name of Professor Artemis.

As you are escaping Vault 101, you can find a message by Jonas dead body which is his last will. It tells a story about a strange man who came to the vault 20 years ago. It leads you on a strange adventure across the wasteland searching for the weapons the man left behind.

More quests that continue this story will be added in future versions.

It is highly recommended that you start a new game when using this mod as this one begins in a location that is hard to return to. If you choose not to, the readme has instructions about how to start this quest.

Angel of the Wasteland

This is a quest that leads you on a mission to follow the path of a man who claims to be an angel. He traveled the wasteland in search of answers, and perhaps he found them. What you care about is that he gathered quite a collection of items in his travels and left them in a secure location. If you find the three note he left around the wasteland, you will be able to find the location and get his items.

This quest will begin when you find one of the three messages he left in the wasteland. They are in odd places, so youll have to search for them.

This quest also gives players access to several weapons that werent in the original version.

More quests that continue this story will be added in future versions.

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