Fallout 3: Маленткий Dethclow в роли питомца для Fallout 3

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Это мод с нексуса добавляющий малыша когтей смерти который выступит как ваш компаньон.мод английский.


Baby Deathclaw Commander version 1.2

Mesh and Texture mod: Zenl on the Fallout3Nexus forums

Control quest, NPC dialogue & setup etc: Tarrant

This mod creates a hireable Baby Deathclaw in some place in the world where you would expect to naturally find one. It is set essential after you hire it, and loses its essential flag if you fire it. You also get to name it out of a list of 37 names.

Baby Deathclaws arent particularly amazing fighters DPS wise. They can run quite fast, though.

After being hired, Baby Deathclaws AI is set up in a way that is similar to the common sense and self-preservation in the Obedient Dogmeat mod when Dogmeat is set to Charge Some Enemies. It makes an effort to try to stay alive and shouldnt tend to charge into certain death. Its willingness to
charge enemies can be toggled between two levels via a dialogue option.

Version 1.2 has only one Baby Deathclaw because deathclaws can be glitchy and I want to be sure its worth my time to add a group of them. This mod already has a workaround in place for the Deathclaw launching problem but who knows what else may turn up.

Feel free to report glitches and how this mod seems to work out for you.

Mod Installation

Put the BabyDeathclawCommander.esp file into your c:/Program Files/Bethesda Softworks/Fallout 3/Data folder.

The BabyDeathclaw directory in the zipfile has two directories which both have subdirectories,
and each directory tree ends with a file. These directories correspond with a directory tree in your
c:/Program Files/Bethesda Softworks/Fallout 3/Data folder. You would browse those trees in your
Data directory, exactly as you see them in the zipfile, and create the needed subdirectories in your Data folder if they are missing. Then, when you are at the bottom of each directory tree, you put the
two files BabyDeathclaw.nif and BabyDeathclaw.dds into the correct locations. There may be
more than one subdirectory lying around named textures, be sure to pick the one whose location
matches the one indicated in the zipfile.

For this and many other mods, its necessary to change a settings in your
FALLOUT.INI file for them to work properly. FALLOUT.INI is in a strange location.
c:/Documents and Settings/your-username/My Documents/My Games/Fallout 3/ .
The change you need to make in the file is:

#1: Find the line that says:


and change it to:


Run your Fallout 3 game and on the square black load screen, click DATA FILES, and
click the checkbox next to the BabyDeathclawCommander.esp file. If you edited your FALLOUT.INI file
correctly, they wont uncheck once you set them, and things will go smoothly.

* uncheck the boxes in the DATA FILES menu as explained above.
* delete the .esp file

Distribution: do whatever, but it would make sense to credit the author if you use it in some other mod.

Version history:

1.0: release

1.1: bugfix for loss of confidence, faction, etc. settings after the anti-launching fix kicks in for the first time

1.2: Added new mesh by Zenl, dialogue additions including tactics changer, fixed babydeathclaw lagging
behind problem animation changes, raised scale to 0.6 to lessen NPC mobility problems, added 11 more names.

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