Fallout 3: Лечение неписей/реанимация для Fallout 3

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Теперь можно применять медицинские навыки не только для лечения себя, но и для реанимации и излечения неписей. Чем выше навык Медицины, тем больше возможностей вы получите. Активируется клавишей М. Скачано с Нексуса. На английском языке.

На английском языке ================================================
This Mod Requires Fallout Script Extender FOSE

Doctor Of The Wasteland

ver. 1.00

By: Alundaio

Ever wonder what it would be like if you could Revive
fallen Companions or NPCs using your Medicine skill and
a good ol fashion Doctors Bag from Fallout 1&2? Or diagnose
them and Even use your skills to tell how long a corspe been
decaying!? Screw unrealistic Essential NPCs!


This mod adds 4 new Perks and 1 persistant item.


Medical Student: The knowledge you acquired from reading medical journals allows you to
properly diagnose and heal another person. Req. 30 Medicine, Level 4

*Note: Gives a base 5-15 heal points during First-Aid. Base 3 uses per day.

Doctor of the Wastes: Through your medicine and medical research, you have learned how to
properly resuscitate any dead creature. Dont forget your Doctors bag!
req. Medical Student, 60 Medicine, Level 8

*Note: Also gives 10-30 bonus heal points. Allows 2 more uses a day.

Healer: The healing of bodies comes easier to you with this Perk. 10-30 more hit points
are healed when using the First-Aid skill. Also allows for one more Heal per day.
req. Medical Student

*Note: Adds 10-30 bonus heal points and allows 1 more use a day.

Revivify: You have the strange ability to revive any creature no matter how long they have been dead.
req. Medical Doctor, Level 12

*Note* See below for more clarification on uses per day


Doctors Bag: When activated/used it will bring up the Doctors Bag Menu. It can be hotkeyd, or Activated by default with the M key.

Pressing The Hotkey Default M while in your Pip-boy menu will allow you to change the HotKey.

When activated with a valid target in your crosshair, it will allow you to perform the Doctors Bag skills on that
target. But if there is no valid target in the crosshair it will allow you to perform these skills on the Player.

It requires Medical Student perk In order to perform First-Aid or to Heal Crippled Limbs. Resuscitation can be used
on any Human or Creature. Not Robots. There is a chance of failure to do a resuscitation. The higher your Medicine
the less the chance of failure. Resuscitation requires the Doctor of the Wastes perk to perform.

Uses per day pertains to how many times you can Resuscitate or use First-Aid. Resuscitate and First-Aid can be used
separately until max usage permits.

Example: Resuscitate can be used 5 times per day and First-AidHeal and Heal Limbs can be used 5 times per day. Heal and Heal Limbs

can only be used a total of 5 times per day. Stimpak uses can be used as long as you have stimpaks.

Like the old fallouts, you can only perform this action a certain number of times in a 24hr period. The amount of times
depends on what perk you have. Medical Student allows 3 times per day, whilst Wasteland Doctor allows 5.
There is a chance based off your Medicine skill to heal Limbs. This chance is rolled on each limb, but Healing crippled limbs
will attempt to heal *ALL* crippled limbs at one time. A complete failure to treat any limbs will not count against a use.

comment: This is very useful for those mods that make gameplay harder. I find myself never having stims to
======= heal my broken legs.

For realism, you cannot resuscitate a person with missing limbs. Also prevents wierd glitching
You can only Resuscitate someone who has been dead for 5 minutes or less. Unless the player has
the Necromancer perk.

*NOTE* See readme for basic menu layout.
Dont worry, If you just want the ability to resuscitate or heal, just use Player.AddPerk in console.

Medical Student: xx001C0F
Doctor of the Wastes: xx001C10
Healer: xx001C11
Revivify: xx00300C

Example use----> Player.AddPerk 5C001C0F 1

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