Fallout 3: EBAR Prototype Suit v 1.2 для Fallout 3

Установка и инструкции


Новая броня. Желательно наличие Operation Anchorage.

Места расположения:

Wheaton Armory - Basement locked behind massive security measures.
Megaton Armory - Lucas Simms does not know the function of this suit.
Super-Duper Mart - Locked in the computer controlled storage room.
Robot Repair Center - The Mechanist is trying to figure out what this suit does.
Rivet City Marketplace - Seagraves Holmes storage chest, he does not know what it does.
Chief Gustavo in Tenpenny Tower - Unsure what this is, he is willing to part with it, for a price.

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Fallout 3
Дата выхода PC игры: 28 октября 2008

Fallout 3 - игра жанра РПГ / RPG, Игры 2008 года от разработчика Bethesda Game Studios.

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