Fallout 3: Breezes FO3 Males для Fallout 3

Установка и инструкции


Новые обнаженные мужские тела.


1. Открываем FOMM.
2. Запускаем Package Manager.
3. Кликаем Add new.
4. Выбираем bzFO3MalesV1dot6.7z
5. Нажимаем Activate для установки
6. Закрываем Package Manager и запускаем Toggle Invalidation

Оригинальное описание Updates:
7/7/2009: Added new optional underwear. 8 types of jocks for men.
6/7/2009: Added armour fix for Point Lookout.
6/7/2009: Added optional armour fix for original lingerie for those who like pajamas requested fix.
6/7/2009: Added new optional clothing. Character wears pants and boots only. Two versions.

NOTE: v1.6d corrected a mistake with some of the alpha settings of character skin textures.

NOTE: v1.4+ is no longer directly compatible with Vanilla FO3. You will need to download the armour fix, otherwise you WILL experience texture problems with existing armour.

If you do not wish to use v1.4+, which is compatible with RMF3, then continue using v1.3, which will not conflict with the existing Vanilla armour but v1.3 is not compatible with RMF3.

1.6, 2008/3/30
* Gigolo, Peacock and Trench Coat armour added to lockers in player homes on start up
* Added trench coat armour
* Added uncircumsized textures for normal male skins
* Added human mutant skin textures for The Pitt
* Updated body suits so that added if not in inventory, fixes old body suits where only added once, which is a problem if starting game from beginning
1.5, 2008/3/26
* Fixed the meat cap problem with the flaccid nude mesh
1.4, 2008/3/25
* Add all three default meshes as body suits that can be worn
* Texture sharing between Breezes and SickleYield/Roberts male body replacers
1.3, 2008/3/24
* Added support for MMMF beta 4,
* Fixed vertex seams around neck & wrists,
* Fixed hopefully problem with not being able to equip Gigolo & Peacock armour sometimes
1.2, 2008/3/18
* Added hairy skin texture,
* Updated tackle mesh.
1.1, 2008/3/10
* Some slight fixes inverse tangent maps correct,
* FOMM installation script added.
1.0, 2008/3/9
* Initial release.

The default meshes provided in FO3 are fairly nice, but do not include a nude version. This mod replaces the meshes and textures with more revealing meshes. Two new armours are included as well.

This mod includes:
* underwear replacement for default body
* nude replacement for default body
* texture replacements for human males, ghoul males and raider males and mutant humans
* replaces the sleepwear meshes with ones with the character wearing shorts
* Raider Gigolo armour - shows a lot of skin, but covers the important parts
* Raider Peacock armour - reveals everything!!
* Trench Coat - trendy leather getup
* Support for Marts Mutant Mod fallout3nexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=3211
* Compatibility with SickleYield/Roberts male body replacer fallout3nexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=3671

The mesh size is reasonable small, so you should not see any performance hits.

If you are using Mart�s Mutant Mod fallout3nexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=3211>, download and install it before installing this mod, otherwise the raider texture replacers will not be installed.

Then to install this mod:
1. Make sure that you have FOMM installed fallout3nexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=640>.
2. Run FOMM.
3. Open the Package Manager.
4. Click Add new.
5. Select the bzFO3MalesV1dot6.7z file.
6. Click Activate to install the mod. You will be given options on the default mesh to use, the default texture to use, as well as whether you want to use the new armour as well. If you have SickleYield/Roberts male body replacer installed an want to use the mesh you selected there as the default mesh, then choose the Default Mesh as Do not install.
7. Close the Package Manager.
8. You need to let FO3 know about the changes to meshes and textures. To do this, click the Toggle Invalidation button. If it was already on, switch it off, then on again if you see magenta skin textures in game, this is the cause, in which case, toggle invalidation off then on again.

Use FOMM to uninstall.

Набор спортивных трусов:

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