Fallout 3: Automatic Energy Weapons (1C) для Fallout 3

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Четыре автоматические плазменные пушки. Автоматическая лазерная винтовка, SMG, лазерная снайперка и полностью автоматическая плазменная винтовка.

Все оружие продается в караване Lucky Harith.

This mod includes four new weapons. In addition to an automatic laser rifle, and SMG, there is a laser sniper rifle using the sniper rifle model, and a fully automatic plasma rifle.

The weapons have all been added to the inventory of Lucky Hariths caravan so they can be purchased instead of using console cheats.

Laser weapons have been tweaked slightly so that they are still useful. All energy weapons are more expensive but the full auto versions are more fragile and do less damage. The laser sniper rifle now has several times the range of the .308 sniper rifle but consumes ammunition faster and is more prone to breakdown.

Everything is in one .esp, just unzip into your /data/ directory, select the plugin in your fallout launcher or mod manager, and youre good to go.

A previous version substituted the assault rifle model for the automatic laser carbine. That version is still available v4, but due to popular demand the original laser rifle was implemented in the Cherry Vanilla version. Both versions are identical aside from the model used for the laser carbine.

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