Test Drive Unlimited: Seat Leon Supercopa 07 для Test Drive Unlimited

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Seat Leon Supercup Supercopa 2007
Vehicle replaced: Whatever you want, there is no autoinstaller.
Extracted and converted by: -=Comp@ct=-
Edited and imported by: -=Comp@ct=-
Original exterior model: Turn 10/Forza 3
Original interior model: Turn 10/Forza 3
Camera: Alfa GT Let me know if you find better
IK: 612 Scaglietti
Ride Height: F-130mm R-200mm

- High-Poly exterior
- High-Poly interior including door panel
- Working door
- Working windows
- Working lights
- Working gauges
- Woeking gear shifter
- Body_LR included High-Poly
- Cock_LR included High-Poly
- 2 Versions: Normal and Vinyl + LED taillights, paintable

Bugs: Not working mirrors as usual.

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Test Drive Unlimited
Дата выхода PC игры: 5 сентября 2006

Test Drive Unlimited - игра жанра Гонки / Racing, Игры 2006 года от разработчика Eden Games.

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