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2009 Ferrari California A Pure Poly Monster :O
Vehicle replaced: Ferrari F575M If u dont like it just Bodyswap it
Converted And Edited by: COMB@T_$HOTGUN
Car Model From: TURN 10/FM3
Rim Model from: Free 3d site
Textures: Turn10/FM3 & NFS

Vanquish Cockpit
F575 IK
Camsets by:
If u find better ones plz share them with us

-HQ Exterior & Interior
-HQ looking Interior Textures
-HQ Rim Textures

-Working Interior Shadow
-Working Car Shadow
-Working Exhaust
-Working Windows
-Working GPS

-Highpoly BODY_HR LOD0
-Highpoly BODY_LR LOD0
-Highpoly Car Shadow LOD1
-Highpoly Interior LOD0
-Highpoly Rims Novitec Rosso

Bugs: Not working Doors
Iv you see eny other bugs fell free 2 comment


Interior PICS:
Red Leather
Brown Leather
Black Leather

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