Test Drive Unlimited: Brabus CL65 AMG C216 08 для Test Drive Unlimited

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Brabus CL65 08///AMG C216
Replaces: Mercedes-Benz CLS55 ///AMG
Converted By: TDUZoqqer tduzoqqermodding.de.tl/Home.htm
Model by: Turn10/Forza Motorsport 3

-High Poly Model
-Original Brake discs + Calipers
-Working windows
-3D Tail light Details
-PERFECT Working Mirrors /inside + outside
-Accurate details
-3D Grid front
-Rear lights also flashing by pressing High beam
-High Poly Underbody !! not really an important Feature
-Dynamic shadow
-Original Interior
-Perfect Leatherwork with stitches
-working GPS
-working HUD only RPM, the KMH display is digital in real life
-switching interior colors in showroom
-switching materials Console, interior details in showroon Alu, Carbon and Wood
-Original Colors
-High Poly Interior shadow yeah, nobody need it, but who cares
-Original High Poly rims
-you can choose between 2 different rims in showroon Normal [silver] and half darked [CL63 Style]
-3 different exterior versions in the installer to choose Normal, Carbon Details, BRABUS
-Original BRABUS rims for the BRABUS version
-Original Physics
-Original Name ingame

-KMH HUD does not work as it is digital
-Interior Materials and Exterior colors does not change will be fixed in 1.2

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Test Drive Unlimited
Дата выхода PC игры: 5 сентября 2006

Test Drive Unlimited - игра жанра Гонки / Racing, Игры 2006 года от разработчика Eden Games.

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