Test Drive Unlimited: Неофициальный патч 1.68 для Test Drive Unlimited

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Неофициальный патч.

- [1.68] comprehensive list of more than 130 logos from real car maker Youll can see these logo from 1.14 version of TDU Modding Toolss vehicule manager

- [1.68] Resource names updated

- [1.68] New bots rivals offline/solo for all cars, you can now meet cars from Carmegapack including new slots like Bugatti Type 57 SC Atlantic or Facel Vega Facel II

- [1.68] Garage/ car dealer distribution updated

- [1.68] Added new traffic vehicles like Trucks

- [1.68] Hud Nismo 350Z fixed now independant from Nissan 350Z

- [1.68] Cameras fixed Dodge Viper Convertible, Lamborghini Gallardo Coupe & SE, and more

- [1.68] Cameras updated to next step of camera editing

- [1.68] Latest auto installer abilities safety and performance

- [1.68] Able to select what you want to install resources, 1.68, traffic by easy step management

- [1.68] Easy uninstall.

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Test Drive Unlimited
Дата выхода PC игры: 5 сентября 2006

Test Drive Unlimited - игра жанра Гонки / Racing, Игры 2006 года от разработчика Eden Games.

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