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Шикарный квестовый мод-последн версия 1_04

Оригинальное описание With over 75* new quests half main story, half miscellaneous, 15+ new books and over 2500 lines of dialogue this mod should keep you entertained for many hours!

Find tons of new miscellaneous quests in cities, villages and other locations, all within Cyrodiils borders,
and visit the best dungeons Cyrodiil has to offer, now a lot more interesting than before.

*Conservative estimate. If youd count every small quest within a quest as a separate quest, it would be around 160, which still doesnt include everything
V1.04b Hotfix:

Fixes the problem with Docs Mortar & Pestle missing, which stopped appearing in V1.04.

Fixes a bug where the Vampire Rising quest could be started half way through after completing the Peryite quest.

Fixes an A.I. bug introduced by V1.04.

V1.04 Highlights:

True compatibility with Open Cities
Compatibility with Let the People Drink
Many quest fixes
A new book

A file with quest hints, a quest givers list, and a spoiler free general quest information file. Available in the main download and separately.

Check the readme for a full changelog. A lot has been fixed for V1.04.


This is primarily a quest mod, and a large one at that. But theres more, like new non quest related dialogue and full size books.

The mod was designed to be started with a low level character, who grows stronger as he advances through the quests.
There are a few multi-step quests that have an increasing level requirement for each quest, to create the idea of time having passed between them.
Every quest can be started at level 1, but the final quest of some of the level quests usually cant be done until level 20.

So for the best experience we recommend starting the mod with a low level character, but you wont run into any problems
and quests will never be too easy if you start it at a higher level.

These are the issues we found in the original game that we meant to fix with our mod:

- The game is too short, there should be more quests. I think we solved that one.

- The game is too easy: The quests introduced in the mod will not hold the players hand too much: Theres no excessive use of quest markers.

- Too many pointless vanilla characters: Many NPCs, especially those in villages, were there just to make the places feel less empty.
They did not have any personality at all. With this mod they will, as many will be involved in quests
and the additional dialogue mod will make them a lot less generic.

- Too many pointless vanilla dungeons: There are many dungeons in Oblivion, but the ones that are not involved in quests all feel the same.
There is no unique treasure as everything is levelled. With this mod many more dungeons are involved in quests, and its also possible to find
unique items in random dungeons.

Ive categorized the different parts of the mod for a good overview.

Kragenirs Death Quest: The Main Quest

The story of the main quest is both serious and humorous. Youll find fairy tale and other real life references in the Main Quest, but always with an Elder Scrolls twist and never too much so they do fit in the game. And the problem at hand is no laughing matter!

The fairy tale element is the strongest at the start of the main quest, but the further you get the obscurer these references become and Im sure most people wont even see half of the things in the mod as a reference to something outside the game.

The first four quests for the wood elves which is really the start of the mod proper are intentionally simple to ease new players into the game. Experienced players may find them rather basic. However we felt it was best to let new players in gently. From quest 5 onwards the quests grow increasingly complex, challenging and in our opinion intriguing. Dont be put off if at first it seems too easy.

The main quest is only half of what this mod is about in the quest area: There are tons of new miscellaneous quests spread across Cyrodiil.
You wont find them all in one game, so youll probably want to use this mod for multiple characters.

Because you might not want to do the mods main quest a second time Or you dont like the idea of fairy tale/real life references in the game,
which the miscellaneous barely have youll have the option to refuse the main quest right from the start.
As for the previously mentioned miscellaneous quests...

Miscellaneous Quests

The number of Miscellaneous quests is at least as much as that of the main quest, if not more. This is how we organised it:

-Imperial City Quests: Theres a new quest for each district of the Imperial City except for the Palace, Prison and Arcane University district.

-Village Quests: Theres a new quest to be started at every village, except for those in which the inhabitants are killed in a
vanilla Oblivion Meaning the original Oblivion. No mods. quest.
-Seven Cities quests: There are two new quests per city, except for the above mentioned Imperial City.
-The Documents Quest: Documents found in vanilla Oblivion locations that are visited during the mods main quest may lead to treasures.
These documents are unrelated to the Main Quest and may be picked up at any time. There is one exception which is document #2, which is in a house added by the mods main quest. But this house is accessible at any time.

Note that there are a few miscellaneous quests that require having reached specific points in the mods main quest of our mod to be obtained.
But most of them dont, so you wont miss out on a lot if you skip the main quest.

We have thrown in a few total surprises as well.

Examples of quests:

-Theres a rumour in the game that Droshanji in Bravil has been hearing noises, but when the player would talk to Droshanji he had nothing to say about it.
Now theres a quest to help him.

-Theres the skooma dealing Orum gang in Cheydinhal which didnt have any quests attached to them... Until now.

-Sdrassa, a member of the Leyawiin Mages Guild, is rumoured to be working on a cure for Skooma addiction. Why not help him?

-Jhared Strongblade, youngest member of the Knights of the Knights of the Thorn, is usually left behind while the other Knights go out to do good.
Hed probably love to go dungeon diving with someone a few times.

-Thamriel, touched by the gods, made an alarming prophecy concerning the return of a powerful vampire to Cyrodiil.

Books & Dialogue

We didnt stop at quests. Aside from the books, letters and dialogue added for quest purposes, theres also the following:

-15 unique full size books. These can be bought in the different book stores of Cyrodiil, or found in some houses.

-100 new rumours added to NPCs for more rumour variety. These are not voiced but they are lipsynched.
Theres the option to disable them should you want to.

-Rural Line Additions: Mostly for all those boring NPCs at wilderness settlements/villages with only a rumour topic.
A lot of npcs who dont have anything else to say than the regular rumours topic will get 3 new topics:
, , and .
Theres a unique line for each NPC used, so you wont have everyone in Waters Edge for example saying exactly the same thing about it.
Each will also get an unique rumour that is specifically for them.

So it is something like the less generic NPCs project from morrowind, on a much smaller scale. This comes in an optional .esp.


Oblivion, preferably patched to 1.1 or 1.2.


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