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OUNGER HOTTER NPCs version 1.0 - Women
by nenina


This mod makes more women npcs younger and prettier. This includes bandits, necromancers, conjurers, marauders, etc.


face shapes
age sliders
hair color
fixes body skin color errors

All changes were carefully decided. Elves look less alien and more human, but keep pointy ears and impish eyebrows. Wood Elves retain their aerodynamic noses. Elven hair has been colored to match skin. No hair color or style is extreme or out of place.

Some original characters such as Claudette Perrick, Jeanne Frasoric, Julienne Fanis, etc. have only minor adjustments, as they were deemed to be already young and arguably hot. Intrinsically older npcs such as Ysabella Andronicus from the Arena Bloodworks have the age slider to 44, the highest setting this mod uses.

Areas Affected:

Imperial City
Bleakers Way
Cropsford/Crestbridge Camp
Cloudruler Temple
Pells Gate
Lord Drads Estate
Brindle Home
Troll Candle Camp
Daedric shrines
Daedric shrine missions
Fighters Guild missions
Mages Guild missions
Thieves Guild missions
Dark Brotherhood
Arena Combatants
Main Quest
Side Quests

Left Unchanged:

City Beggars
Blind Moth Priests


If you dont have earlier versions of this mod:

Unzip the .esp file to the data folder located in the same folder as oblivion.exe. When you open oblivion click the data files button on the opening interface. Check the box labeled Younger Hotter NPCs.

If you have version 0.99 or less:

Remove it and use version 1.0 of Younger Hotter NPCs. To be safe make a new save with the mod disabled. Delete Younger Hotter NPCs v0.99 or lesser versions from the data folder. Add Younger Hotter NPCs v1.0 and enable it in the opening Oblivion interface. Load your game and there will be a message acknowledging the change. Accept changes and save.


This mod makes superficial changes to the appearance of npcs. It will work with many mods. This mod will work with OOO but does not change the newer npc enemies, yet.


This is now version 1.0 and all mismatching is addressed. In the making of this mod all npcs have been visited in-game numerous times, catching missed areas. If I find that there is even one npc with a mismatch I will consider a 1.01 version. Lastly, there may be a Younger Hotter extension sub-mod for the new enemy class npcs in OOO.

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