Fallout: New Vegas - Animated Prostitution 0.24 для Fallout: New Vegas

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Animated Prostitution 0.24 для New Vegas

Автор мода - JoshNZ
Версия: 0.24 24.03.13


Ваш ГГ может заниматься сексом с НПЦ
Ваш ГГ может продать себя торговцам получить небольшую прибыль
Вы видите себя в кровати
Ваш ГГ может стать проституткой/жигало

Замечание: Этот мод не является портом аналогичного мода из Fallout 3.
Автор заного создал сей мод на базе НВ...

Копируем папку Data в корневую папку Fallout New Vegas. При вопросе о замене, жмем да.
Затем запускаем игру, выбираем «DATA FILES», отмечаем Animated Prostitution.esp, жмем «ОК» и играем.

Авторское описание:

The Basics

Once this mod is installed your character can ask an NPC for some free and harmless sex. All you will need to get your some is a speech of 25 and you have an 80% chance of getting lucky in love. Or at least what passes for love in the Wastelands

A high Charisma helps, and a high Endurance can make a difference.

One you are haing a good time just talk to the NPC agean to stop.

You can only have fun with each NPC one time per day.

In order to stop sexual acts, simply talk to the NPC again and select the text to stop animations.

Being a Pro

To go from quickies in the glow of the radiation to becoming a professional you must ask James Garret at the Atomic Wrangler Casino located in Freeside to be your pimp.

You will need a speech of at least 40 and then there is only a 50% chance of James accepting your offer.

The Line

Here is The Line.

Most things regarding sexual activities are below The Line, and can be dealt with.

However, having said that, these things are OVER THE LINE, and will NOT be done under ANY circumstances, so dont even bother asking.


Dogs/Critters - To much work for not enough fun. I have to test man on man as it is...even though Im a heterosexual male. So, Im not getting involved with bestiality. Plus, look at the animals that roam the Wasteland! Theyre grotesque, and do you really think a Deathclaw is going to be thinking about a booty call when it sees you, or is it going to be thinking Yum, food on the hoof! instead?

Rape - Player Rape/Player Raping. No. Its against Nexus rules and not something Im willing to code. I may make some B&D/S&M though, at some later time...

Please DO NOT ask for any of the above because I will not indulge you...and you run the risk of getting your account banned!

If absolutely feel you have to ask if your particular desire crosses the line, do it one on one in email: JoshNZ666@hotmail.com

Also note that the above statements are in regards to MY line. The moderators on the Nexus have their own tolerance level, which might not be set as high as mine, but their line is MORE important than mine. So respect it.


If any moderator asks me too, Ill update my limits to reflect their desired changes.

Strip Options

ATM There is only two strip option.

Base Body.
UpperBody-erect Men only

R18 Rude Body Pack -> Under optional in downloads

You will need to download a some bodies to get naked...
I recommend downloading and installing the R18 Rude Body Pack V3 OSBR package first which is in the optional downloads section, then having a play around with other bodies until you find one that is compatible and fits your tastes.

Female bodies:

The female body is a Type 3 I think not sure it was a long time ago, if you wish to use any other female body, go right ahead.

Male bodies:

The male body in the R18 pack is Breezes body.
I have used his soft body as upperbody.nif Defult body and given you the option to strip men to UpperBody-erect.nif
Why? because that way men you kill dont have boners.

If you wish to use any other Male body, go right ahead.

Also, please note that the male bodies are breezes male body and it has different UV maps to the standard body, AKA some armors will look BAD. Armor patches are included where possible.

Known Bugs

Bumping Bug: Some of you have reported a bug where instead of sex acts, the NPC just walks into the player and keeps bumping into them. The probably cause of this is bad meshes on your side. Try reinstalling the Rude Body package, overwriting all files, then reinstalling Animated Prostitution, and be sure to overwrite the files. In tests this has fixed the error. Were trying to discover the cause of this, so any information you can think of including install order that might help us, please leave it in comments.

Bug Testers

This project is WIP stats, there can be/will be bugs, occasionally bugs that pop up between one version and the next. Just let me know about them, there is a discussion just for that, and Ill do my best to fix the bug as quickly as possible once it is pointed out to me.

AP:F3 code was flawed, I am trying to do a faultless AP this time around, but hey Im only human...

Because my Dev time has been cut to only 4 hours tops a day I dont really have the time to make this and play test it at the same time. I test each to make sure each new bit works but sometimes a new bit will mess with an old bit and I just will not know about it.

With that in mind, please remember that when you download this YOU are my bug testers until this is finished, so your feedback is very important, as is quick bug reporting.

Final note about bugs:
TWillard my Dark Side Apprentice is still lerning what all them buttons do in the geck, be nice people.

Dev Time

My computer time is MUCH less than last year when I made AP F3 edition, but Ill be working on this daily just the same as I did last year on AP F:3. It may take awhile to finish, but itll get there eventually.

Thanks To
The sith lords:

Joshua Hunter -JoshNZ- Lead AP guy, every thing - You know i am much more keen on 3DP then AP?

Dark Side Apprentices:

Tim Willard -TWillard- English Dialogue/Description - Working on becoming but not yet a Sith lord.

The Prince of Darkness -Twillit- English Dialogue/Description - Evil Mastermind working on taking over the world with awesome mods, Hoping to learn more and advance my plans of world domination.

Just for the record darth bane is an idiot.
One to be the power and one to crave it... Damn good way to get your order wiped out if you ask me.
If there are any Jedi Modders out there who are fealing the temptation of the dark side, give us a call.


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