Fallout: New Vegas - Коллекция квестов от Saxxon. для Fallout: New Vegas

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Около двадцати разных квестов которые начинаются в разных местах Пустоши.
Так как квесты на английском то и список их тоже на английском:

Спойлер I know It Hurts - Goodsprings prospector saloon, speak to Bill McCellan.
I Am The Message - Mojave outpost , speak to Paul Enis. standing near one of the toll booth things
Radio Silence - Bradleys shack, speak to Bradley.
For My Sake - Sloan, speak to Duane.
I Will Not Bow - abandoned shack near Yanzete memorial, speak to Diego.
Testing my Patients - New Vegas medical clinic, ask Grant about work.
Anatomy of a Killer - New Vegas medical clinic, ask Grant about work. at least 4 days after finishing Testing my Patients
Always Something - Mole rat ranch, speak to Billy.
Heart of Spades - Find a dead body in freeside, down the road east of the gate to the strip player must be at least level 15
A Great Reckoning - at least 4 days after finishing heart of spades a mercenary hit squad will attack you, take the note of the leader.
The Final Resting Place - Speak to Clay in the Final resting place west of crimson caravan
Last Call - Speak to Clay, at least 3 days after finishing the Final Resting Place.
The Weapons are Concealed - Speak to Carla when shes following you as a companion.
The Hunter - Speak to Curtis in Hunters Retreat west of silver peak mine on top of a hill
High and Mighty - Speak to Jesse at Red rock drug lab.
Take Back the Fear - Basement of a ruined building near where Cook-cook is found, speak to Balthazar He will attack you if 3 Card Bounty has been completed
Days Without - Speak to Anson in Westside near the pawn shop
Whispers and Ashes - Speak to Father Stanley in the ruins of his church. northish of the final resting place, youll see it
Before the Fall - Speak to Captain Fallon in Westside Militia HQ Down the road from the pawn shop
Tick, Tick, Tick - Speak to Captain Fallon, at least 4 days after finishing Before the Fall.
Boom! - A courier will deliver a letter to you at least 2 days after finishing Tick, Tick, Tick.


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