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Архив полезных модов для Fallout: New Vegas
Вот список:
- MTUI by Max Tael
- URWL for New Vegas - Realistic Lighting and Color by Marcurios
- Bottle That Water by LFox
- Realistic Repair Lists by defear
- Sprint Mod by Lork
- d3d9 awesome perf fix by wing pao shiggz
- Goacbcs Freeplay after MQ by Goacbcs
- FOOK - New Vegas by The FOOK Team
- Better Binoculars by Kobu
- Fallout 3 Walking Running Animations Restored by supertoby
- New Vegas - Re-Animated by Alendor
- T3T Misc Item Icons - New Vegas by The 3rd Type
- Better Headshots by Kitteh
- Bullet Time by Dunderklumpen & Clanfear
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Fallout: New Vegas
Дата выхода PC игры: 19 октября 2010

Fallout: New Vegas - игра жанра РПГ / RPG, Игры 2010 года, Игры про выживание от разработчика Bethesda Game Studios.

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