Dragon Age: Origins - Less Blood v1.0 для Dragon Age: Origins

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Your blood-covered characters will now look a little bit cleaner.

If you find the games presentation of blood and gore somewhat excessive, Less Blood will tone it down to more realistic levels. If thats not enough, use No Blood to remove all character gore and pools of blood, as well as most of the games blood effects.

Install one of the included .dazip files with DAupdater.exe found in ...Dragon Agein_ship. You may install both mods, just dont forget to disable one in Downloadable Content->Installed Content as they are mutually incompatible.

To uninstall, remove MTNoBlood and/or MTLessBlood from ...My DocumentsBioWareDragon AgeAddIns. If you feel comfortable editing xml files, manually remove the mods entries from open AddIns.xml found in ...My DocumentsBioWareDragon AgeSettings: remove everything from /AddInItem> and from /AddInItem>. Alternatively, you may want to back up AddIns.xml before installing the mods.

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Dragon Age: Origins
Дата выхода PC игры: 3 ноября 2009

Dragon Age: Origins - игра жанра РПГ / RPG, Игры 2009 года от разработчика BioWare.

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