Dragon Age: Origins - Auto Loot v1.5 для Dragon Age: Origins

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A Simple Auto Loot Mod - If you have enough inventory space all items will be added without opening the loot gui.

Version History:

1.6 - BETA
* added Auto Loot Nearby Skill - Still Mostly untested though.
* added Basic-Skill Descriptions.

Known Issues: Ability Ignores all Placeables with Plot-Flags.

Standard-Loot Function mostly unchanged.

1.5 - Stable
* Fixed Auto Loot for placeables with a plot flag but no specific script attached.

* Corrected Plot-Flag Check - All Plot-Related placeables should now trigger their default script again.

* Added item-count when looting - only tells the total number of items looted though.
* Added an ability to deactivate Auto Loot - in case you encounter any problems or you dont want to for any reason.

The ability itself has no Name, etc... seeing as the toolset talktable-ids apear to be wrong.
If anyone knows how to circumvent this - id love to know.

* Fixed some event handling issues - all non loot spezific USE-Events should work now Codex, Shale-Puzzle, etc...
* Excluded the Wardens Keep Chest and the Party-Chest from the Example Mod.

* Fixed spezial item actions on pickup plot items etc... should trigger again
* Added the Tutorial Plot Flag Trigger for the First Loot.

* Initial Release


I may add some sort of Auto Loot Everything in the area ability or something like that later on but for now it just loots everying on the container instead of opening it.

Misc Stuff:

Event - Overrides e.g. those in player_core:

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Dragon Age: Origins
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