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An attempt at making the loot and treasure hunting in Dragon Age more interesting and rewarding.


Since the vast majority of the content in Dragon Age is almost completely non-linear, items need to be balanced based on parity rather than progression. A carrot on a stick technique cant be used; we cant create a power curve that leaves you feeling weak and then elevates you to godhood over and over again as most games do. To beat the commonly used metaphor into dust, we need to make five carrots, all different lengths and tastes and let you decide between them.

Since there are, for instance, five suits of massive armor that are of equal difficulty to acquire, it would be arbitrary to decide that one is better than the others. Items have to have a distinctive purpose that sets them apart from the pack. The player must feel as if their equipment decisions make an actual difference.

To use the massive armor example again, there are now sets based around staying power, elemental mitigation, physical mitigation, etc. While some players might want a pure tank and find the armor that fills that role first by chance, others are more likely to experiment with the new armor they pick up to see how it changes their characters. At least thats the idea were using to build this project.

Certain people have requested the spreadsheets with all of the item information and changes in them. I am not going to release that, as I firmly believe it will ruin the sense of fun and exploration. Try the mod for yourself. I believe you will enjoy it! If you do not like it, simply uninstall and try something else. You have nothing to lose.

If you have enjoyed this project and would like to contribute, we are currently recruiting; heres a list of the positions were looking to fill:

Writer: We are looking to expand the item descriptions that are in place. We want each item to tell a story, both literally and figuratively. Please PM me Wallets a writing sample if you are interested in this position.

Scripting/Tools: We are going to be modifying, among other things, the loot tables. A general understanding of GDA files and the Dragon Age toolset are required. Please PM me Wallets with an introduction and some information about your relevent experience.

=====VERSION 0.5.1 BETA=====
The first version we released was accidentally missing some files! If you downloaded it within twenty minutes or so of release, please re-download the mod. The proper version is 0.5.x.

The first and second bug fix updates have been released 0.5.1 and 0.5.2. Weve fixed a number of bugs a few initial mistakes were made with implementation of certain changes and altered a couple variables that were out of line.

We have released the first version of our modification! Yay! Please keep in mind that this is very much a beta; balance changes are expected. If you enjoy our project, please raise our popularity by clicking the plus next to the popularity counter so that more people can see the mod and enjoy it!

-All equipment has been rebalanced and changed as stated in our project description. We will leave the exact details unsaid so we do not spoil your exploration.
-Creature Weapons/general enemy scaling via difficulty scaling have been modified to increase their power to be in line with the item changes.
-Poultices and Potions now have a much longer cool-down.
-The reuse time on pickpocketing people has been vastly reduced, which is simply a convenience change.

There are some changes to the difficulty of the game and we hope that you will keep an open mind. If you find the game too easy, simply raise the difficulty!

A word of warning: Nightmare is very difficult, particularly early on in the game! If you find it too challenging go down to Hard, which is much easier.

To install, simply download the Zip file and extract the contents to My Documents\BioWare\Dragon Age\packages\core\override. This may be a different path if youre using Windows Vista or 7.

If you dont want the difficulty level changes remove difficulty.GDA.

If you dont want the Poultice/Pickpocketing changes remove ABI_Base.GD.

If you dont want any monster damage scaling remove all the .uti files that start with gen_im_cweapon_.

Any other .uti files are item changes.

You will need to start a game from scratch for all of the changes to take effect. You do not absolutely have to restart, but any items that already dropped will not be the modified versions, as the games structure does not work that way. There is no way for us to get around that. You can play it and the changes will take effect, but only in areas you have not explored yet.

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