Dragon Age: Origins - Larger Conversation Text v1.0 для Dragon Age: Origins

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Larger conversation text. Now with larger NPC *and* PC text.

November 18, 2009.

Author: FollowTheGourd.
Project Name: Larger Conversation Text
Project Home Page: social.bioware.com/project/567/
Mod Version: v0.1 alpha
Game Version: v1.01

=== !!! NOTE !!! ===

This is basically alpha stage at the moment. Ive uploaded this file to serve as
proof of concept that it can be done, and to generate feedback about it. I also
figured why should others have to suffer on their first play-through or however many now?

Im hoping for better dynamic adjustments instead of one size fits all.


1 First remove any previous installation of this mod. Previously, this mod was just the file conversation.swf
installed to My DocumentsBioWareDragon Agepackagescoredataguiexportoverride.

2 Extract the downloaded zip file and copy the extracted folder FollowTheGourd - UI Mod - v0_1 to the folder
My DocumentsBioWareDragon Agepackagescoreoverride.

The folders along that path may not exist for you yet; create them as necessary. Side note: The name of the folder contains the generic UI Mod
in anticipation of expanding the project and making future installation instructions easier.


Just remove the folder FollowTheGourd - UI Mod - v0_1 from your override directory. It should have no bearing on your save game.


* Scaled NPC dialogue to use a larger text size.

* Scaled PC responses to use a larger text size.

* Cutscene bars better accommodate both PC and NPC larger sized text.


* Allow the NPC text to span more than two rows before slightly spilling under the bottom of the
cutscene bar the text doesnt get cut off, though. Youll find Morrigan is pretty verbose, so youll
be seeing that a lot with her for the moment. But do not despair; for I have a cunning plan.

* Allow for better scaling of the text and UI depending on the resolution and aspect ratio.

* Expand the project to the rest of the games UI.

* Change the gradient on the PC text backing. Its probably too large now that its scaled up.


* Currently, I cant confirm whether dialogue in Russian will work or not.
In my unmodified game, I get boxes instead of letters of the Cyrillic alphabet.
If any Russian-language users out there can currently confirm whether it works for them or not,
that would be great.

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