Dragon Age: Origins - New Morrigan Face (Based on Concept Art) v2.0 для Dragon Age: Origins

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Morrigan Concept Art Face Modification by Drakonnen

This will replace the default head of Morrigan with a much nicer head, that more closely resembles the concept art and actually makes her attractive for a change in my opinion! Although the concept art varies some in style and coloration of things such as her eyes, my favorite concept art of her, which is in the example screenshot, has her with blue eye shadow and bluish eyes. Considering thats the concept art they used of her on the package, though recolored red, I though it was fitting to try and get her to look as close to that as possible.

Version 2.0 adds additional color refinements to more closely match the concept art including icier blue eyes and purple lips.

Version 2.0a is a heavily requested alternate version that had my facial modifications but gives Morrigan back her original yellow eyes, and also squints them up a bit to more closely resemble the original game version of her...albeit far more refined looking, in my opinion.

To Install, extract the hf_genfl_morrigan.mor file to My DocumentsBioWareDragon Agepackagescoreoverride folder.

Disclaimer: If you dont like the changes I made, or have something against modifications in general to the original characters, simply dont use the mod!

Otherwise, please enjoy.

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