Dragon Age: Origins - Tactics Slots (default: 25) для Dragon Age: Origins

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Gives 25 tactic slots regardless of level...

If you use this mod with your current game save, it wont take affect until you level. If you start over, its immediate.

I would have to modify your save file in order to have it take effect immediately...


Copy exptable.gda into the...

packages core override

folder under your game installation folder. On some systems you need to use...

My Documents Bioware DragonAge packages core override

instead. Try the packages core override directory in your actually Dragon Age directory first.

Patch 1.01 only. Delete this file before the next patch.

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Dragon Age: Origins
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Dragon Age: Origins - игра жанра РПГ / RPG, Игры 2009 года от разработчика BioWare.

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