Half-Life 2: Default Weapon Reskin Pack (v2) для Half-Life 2

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VertThrashers HL2 Reskin Pack V2

So, I made V2 in about 2 weeks.

Totally revamped the mp7 and crossbow.
Tweaked everything else quite a bit.
Removed OSIPR, its impossible to skin.
Didnt touch the rocket launcher, its impossible to skin but I left it in the pack.
Didnt touch the .357 python, I thought it was pretty perfect.

yeah, thats basically it. Enjoy!

You can re-release this anywhere as long as you give proper credits which would be

Everything- VertThrasher
Hands + Bugbait help - H4wk

Feel free to edit and re-release anything in the pack, just make sure you give proper credits.
Using my stuff and editing it isnt a reskin, its a skin edit or a recolor. Thanks.

На странице http://game-score.ru/mods/154992-half-life-2-default-weapon-reskin-pack-v2.html вы можете найти и скачать Half-Life 2: Default Weapon Reskin Pack (v2) для Half-Life 2.


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Half-Life 2
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Half-Life 2 - игра жанра Экшен / Action, Шутеры / Стрелялки, Игры 2004 года, Лучшие игры от первого лица от разработчика Valve Software.

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