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Синглплеерный мод.

Этот мод проходит параллельно событиям Half-Life 2, только в главной роли обычный человек. Его дом разрушен, его семья мертва, он ищет новых друзей в рядах сопротивления и борется с режимом, который исковеркал его жизнь.

In case you havent seen the thread...

The Citizen is a Single-Player mod, set parallel to the events of the original Half-Life 2. The player takes the role of an ordinary man, pushed over the edge by the oppressive regime controlling his life.

His home trashed, his family dead, The Citizen leaves his apartment for the last time. He seeks new friends, and a way to help the human resistance to smash the iron grip of the Combine. What follows is a winding tale of betrayal, determination and grief.

Many obstacles lie in his path which require a sleek combination of agility, stealth, intelligence, and sheer violence to overcome.

This is the mod that Kasperg and I have been making for the past 8 months.

We hope you enjoy playing it, as much as we enjoyed making it.

You can read more about the mod, and see screenshots, a trailer, and other reviews of it on PlanetPhillip with the following link:-


One note - the crackly sound on the trailer is only on the trailer, it doesnt happen in the game. :D

First person to find the secret ending gets a skip full of w00t. :D

На странице http://game-score.ru/mods/155201-half-life-2-the-citizen.html вы можете найти и скачать Half-Life 2: The Citizen для Half-Life 2.


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Half-Life 2
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Half-Life 2 - игра жанра Экшен / Action, Шутеры / Стрелялки, Игры 2004 года, Лучшие игры от первого лица от разработчика Valve Software.

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