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Установка и инструкции

Мод версии 1.8.4, добавляющий в игру восстановленный контент диалоги, катсцены и т.д. командой модеров с сайта Deadly Stream. На данный момент, является последней обновленной версией восстановленного контента.

1. Если используете устаревшую версию TSLRCM 1.8 и ниже, потребуется переустановка игры перед установкой мода 1.8.4
Владельцы Steam и GOG версий могут пропускать до пункта 4.
2. После переустановки игры рекомендуется установить официальный патч 1.0b. Версии игры не US требуют установки сперва патча 1.0a, затем 1.0b. Если же у вас US версия, смело можно ставить 1.0b. После установки TSLRCM 1.8.4 официальные патчи установить невозможно. Список патчей для разных версий можно найти здесь.
3. При желании, можно установить патчи повышающие качество музыки и/или роликов.
4. Установка TSLRCM 1.8.4. Пользователям Steam-версий рекомендуется использовать Мастерскую Steam Steam Workshop для загрузки.
    ВНИМАТЕЛЬНО ПРОВЕРЯЙТЕ ПАПКУ, В КОТОРУЮ БУДЕТ УСТАНАВЛИВАТЬСЯ МОД. При установке мода в папку Override игра не запустится!
    Путь к папке игры по умолчанию:
    для 32-битных версий Windows: C:Program FilesLucasArtsSWKotOR2
    для 64-битных версий Windows: C:Program Files x86LucasArtsSWKotOR2
    Путь к папке игры для Steam:
    Локальный диск:SteamSteamAppscommonKnights of the Old Republic II
    GOG по умолчанию: C:GOG GamesStar Wars - KotOR2
5. Проверить, успешна ли прошла установка, можно запустив игру. В главном меню под названием игры даолжна присутствовать надпись Restored Content Modification 1.8.4. Если она есть, значит установка прошла правильно и успешно. Список измененией 1.8.3B - 1.8.4: Спойлер * Restored Remotes SFX that was removed by the official 1.0b patch. After 10+ years; its back! Poor guy!
* Restored original dialogue to prologue, except for easter egg mode users who get the spoken dialogue
* Slightly modified pre-Malachor cutscene
* Fixed reverted instances knowing about Goto in first Bao-Dur/Remote cutscene
* First Bao-Dur/Remote cutscene now requires G0-T0 *or* HK-47, not both. This also means you can get the 3rd cutscene and following cutscenes including the important one about G0-T0 and Remote without building HK-47
* Fixed Remote complaining sound sticking around when it should not
* Fixed 2 civilians who were lacking their animations in the Telos Cantina
* Benoks goons will now always properly leave the cantina
* Various fixes for the Telos Academy:
** Fixed some unskippable lines during intro-dialogue
** Fixed inproper fadeout during intro that showed character jump
** Modified Atris entrance
** Fixed a few issues with handmaidens removing PC
** Modified Atris exit
* Fixed small issue with doors windows not being see-through in the Coruscant sequence, hiding the PC and Masters until it was opened Thanks to JCarter426 for the fix!
* Modified JJT Tunnel sequences if Mira joins the party
* Fixed issue with leftover enemy in arena during ending cutscenes
* Various fixes with the Mandalorian Battle Ring:
** You will now hear what your violation was before being banned from the Battle Ring for cheating twice
** Fixed auto-win against Kex due to victory flag not resetting after the Davrel battle
** Fixed no item rule being in effect for the Bralor fight for male PCs. Battle functioned properly already for females
* Added 2 missing Sith to Vaklu palace sequence who triggered a small cutscene
* Leaving Dantooine at the endgame cutscenes did not run for male players. Made them skippable in all cases
* Added missing animation at start of Disciple cutscene to match Visas scene
* Slightly improved Disciple warning Admiral cutscene
* Added missing lipsync eye flashing for HK-Factory
* Slightly improved 903MAL intro, fixed incorrect camera point for females, and the Elite Sith Assassin will now attack the Exile rather than ignore him/her
* Moved DS hit for Slavery from Cahmakt to getting your payment in the cantina. This to prevent the rare issue of this hit triggering the Nihilus intro and getting the player stuck.
* Fixed crashing issue if you try to enter the Telos Surface Shuttle with Atton or Kreia.
* Fixed Peragus Medical Officer speaking the station warning using the Workshop download.
* Added missing installer files: Heads.2da, Movies.2da and Musictable.2da
* Wrong Atton animation fix post-Peragus cutscene
* Fixed too fast walking Sion on Peragus and Malachor
* Improved Handmaiden vs. sisters intro-cutscene
* Fixed animation issue with Atris using Force Lightning on Handmaiden

Большие дополнения в 1.8.4:
* Newly restored cut content
* Fixed many issues with the loot-system.
* Fixes the 1.7 gamebreaking bug with the Ravager, and the vanilla gamebreaking bug with Visquis inventation.
* Fixes the crash with Mandalores battle on Dantooine.
* Tweaked the workings of the HK-Factory.
* Improved how saving teammates works on Malachor, making it hopefully less jarring.
* Many MANY bugfixes.

TSLRCM 1.8.4 Не СОВМЕСТИМ с данными модами:
* Ultimate Saber Mod by ChAiNz, D333, Sep, Svosh, T7
* TSL Un-Restored Content TSL:URC by Zbyl2
* Ravager Rewrite 2.0 by Zbyl2
* Peragus-Harbringer-Prologue Correction Mod by Ulic
* Trayus Academy Clothing Fix by SithRevan
* Dark Apprentice Holowan Consortium
* Lonna Vash Mod by Sikon
* Force Fashion II by jonathan7, Marius Fett and Ender Wiggin
* Nar Shaddaa Hidden Complex by FrantFire
* Get your lightsaber back from Atris by Lit Ridl
* Darth Sion vs Master Vash by zbyl2
* Khoonda Lost rooms by Darth_Tartarus
* 90SKs SUPER Content Mod
* Telos Shuttle Crash Movie Fix by Zbyl2 & DarthParametric
* Telos Polar Sidequest
* GenoHaradan 0.9 beta by Exile007
* Knights of the Old Republic III : The Jedi Masters 2.0 beta by Trex
* HOTOR 1.6 by Qui Don Jorn
* Kreias Assorted Robe Collection
* Trailer Force Crush Sound by Don Kain
* Kolto Tank on Ebon Hawk by Lit Ridl overrides critical TSL files!!!

З.Ы.: в течение двух-трех дней постараюсь добить перевод изменений.

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