Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 2 - Долгожданный TSLRCM 1.8.3! (без руссификации) для Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 2 - The Sith Lords

Установка и инструкции

Долгожданный патч TSLRCM 1.8.3 от команды deadlystream, добовляющий в игру вырезанные сцены, а также исправляющий ОЧЕНЬ многочисленные баги игры, связанные с текстурами, диалогами итд.

Установка :

1. Если вы используете другие версии TSLRCM, Вам придётся переустанавливать игру и только потом патчить ее до 1.8.3, иначе будут возникать неполоадки. 99% Пользователи Steam, не использовавшие каких-либо патчей или дополнений, могут смело переходить к 4-ому шагу
2. После переустановки, пропатчтите клиент официальным патчем сначала версии 1.0a, а потом 1.0b. !После установки данного TSLRCM Вы больше не сможете пропатчить игру официальными патчами. !
3. При желании можете использовать патчи, изменяющие графику и звуки.
4. Установка TSLRCM 1.8.3 :

1 Укажите путь к папке игры . D:SteamSteamAppscommonKnights of the Old Republic II, ЛИБО C:Program Files x86LucasArtsSWKotOR2 - например. Ни в коем случае не указывайте патчу папку Override в пути.
Примечание для пользователей Steam : ПКМ по игре-свойства-не выполнять автоматич.обновление. Это может привести к неработоспособности игры.

5. Чтобы убедиться в успешной установке данного патча, откройте kotor2. Если Вы увидите надпись на англ. языке с цифрами 1.8.3, поздравляю Вас, патч установлен успешно.

6. С данным патчем совместимы множество модов.

Список всех измнений :
General - Ebon Hawk;
* Several more typo fixes in the dialog.tlk
* Updated launcher for the 4CD-version users thanks Pra_Viilon
* Made some lines during the prologue and Nadaa on Nar Shaddaa cutscenes to prevent questupdates breaking the heard line. Added missing update on getting medpacks. First hatch used outside will no longer be removed.
* Fixed Lost Shadows not closing proper on a certain ending both TSLRCM and M4-78EP.
* Restored addition HK-47 lines.
* Loot fixes; Missing merchants of 1.8 updated, gloves_03 is missing, if its rolled it will return gloves_02 now instead of no item at all. Fixed rounding issue allowing low-level drops to something not spawn anything Peragus.
* Added a few additional lines to the Korriban introduction. A few more for non-M4-78EP users they will be taken out upon installing M4-78EP as those were already in use on that planets intro.
* Added Atton pazaak scene.
* Modified Atton vs Handmaiden, Atton confesses love of Exile to Bao-Dur and G0-T0 modifies Remote cutscenes and adjusted a few odd camera standpoints during 2 disciple cutscenes all made by danil-ch
* Extra camera points post-Peragus cutscene.
* Fixes teammates turning upon click during Visas fight, Bao-Dur lines unconscious line was voiced.
* The weapons HK was wearing when the HK vs T3 cutscene started are no longer destroyed, but properly unequipped now.
* Added a missing Mandalore VO.
* Improved quality Kaevee VO. thanks to danil-ch
* Restored PMHA03 Male face option for PC. thanks to Kainzorus Prime
* Fixed issue with Rubat crystals dissapearing from lightsabers.
* Fixed Crush sound effect.
* You can now train Beast Control after gaining Beast Trick on Dxun. Beast Trick will appear on the upgrade screen once you gain a prestige class, but it cannot be trained, only given.
* The Polar Cap, Telos Under Attack and Trayus Academy now appear in the music table.
* 1B, Akkere and Kodin will generate one of 4 HK parts randomly now, instead of basing it on the players possessed items which could generate the pacifist package if all 4 were in the PCs inventory.
* Kreia skill-lesson; Automatic completion if awareness was highest skill, unable to complete skill-lesson if awareness was lowest skill. Fixed now.
* PC now shows form just learned from the Jedi Master. During mid-battle Masters actually use form instead of flourish addition by Danil-ch.
* Visas lightsaber will no longer be sometimes invisible during training.
* If Bao-Dur is set for Dark Side training but the PC is lightsided, the convo will no longer break without having any more chance to train him.

Peragus - Telos:
* Fixed droids not skittering properly in 102PER
* Fixed same droids when passive allowing disabling option if lower than 0 demolition and higher than 0 demolition, but not when having exactly 0 demolition. Its now possible for them too.
* Fixed Harbinger missing if reloading a save after it docked.
* Fixed protocol droid with quest update being repaired during and after convo.
* Fixed utility droids re-activating if talked to and reloading a savegame.
* Wounded Onderon military will only give teammate influence if you kill him yourself, not if he gets killed by Sith.
* Fixed black screen if talking to a Handmaiden and goading them to fighting if you won the 5 sister battle.
* In attempt to prevent the teammate corruption which I could not reproduce the fade-to-black will now last longer, until the sisters turns actually hostile.
* Handmaiden will lower her hood when loading the module from a savegame.
* Handmaiden will no longer always be send with male PCs. Depending on your choices in Atris dialogue she will now be send or crawl on your plane, with slight variations in a few cutscenes as result.
* Aesthetical fixes to cutscene where Atris sends Handmaiden with the exile.
* Modified pre-Malachor Carth sequence per developer commentary thank danil-ch for noticing them
* Some aestetical improvements to the cutscenes in the endgame of the Academy.
* Fixed quest update from Lorso about luring Batono in a trap being set too early. It will only appear now if the actual global is also set to allow this option.
* Corrected missing Exchange quest update in 3 different instances.
* Bumani Corp Gammorean use proper dialogue line now.
* Hidden academy camera changes to show force field.
* TSF will no longer assist you in killing the Sullustan.

Nar Shaddaa:
* Swoop Droid no longer sounds like Kinrath.
* Extended attack of the Serroco.
* Saquesh; Allows you to [intimidate] Stop pressuring the Refugees if Serroco attacked them and intimidation option for Adana will no longer automatically fail.
* Fixed killing Geriel possibly reopening Refugee Woes. It now no longer updates the quests, since the proper updates are already set talking to Saquesh instead, and as stated, was buggy.
* Docks scene with Mira; Hanharr no longer takes 9 seconds sometimes leaving a pause but the duration of the VO-line.
* During Mira or Hanharrs escape an actual alarm now sounds.
* Reinforcements at the JJT are no longer deleted after the cutscene deploying them.
* JJT Map back popup dialogue fixed.
* You can no longer dance for the Twilek domo during the run to the JJT after visquis call. This to prevent the player from missing key triggers.
* Zhug Cutscene: Added another global set to the .dlg on an unskippable line as precaution, hopefully fixing the issue some people had with it not being set.
* If you turn over shield from secondary to primary AFTER shutting down primary the zhugs will actually spawn now.
* If the player overloads the droids now after the bounty hunters spawn, the droids will properly reset to hostile if made friendly, as per the description.
* Once the speeder was rebuild, entering the docks or main area would spawn a new one every single time on top of the old version, causing great performance issues after a while. This has been corrected, and they will only spawn once.
* Turning Lootra over to the Exchange will wield a lightsaber now too like all other quest-resolutions, and will no longer be seen as a light side action by your team members.
* If you lied to Sasquesh and he sold Adanna fast, then killed him, Sold to the Hutts would re-open with no way of finishing it anymore. This has been fixed.
* Gotos Yacht console; fixed issue with counts 8 and 9 on consoles being broken and disallowing interaction with the console ever again.
* Kreia Premonition cutscene added thanks to Danil-ch

Dxun and Onderon:
* Slight improvements to Kreias dialogue post-Onderon if Bao-Dur was Dxun Tomb leader.
* Remote is now present if Bao-Dur is the leader of the Dxun Tomb group thanks JCarter426.
* Covered up some missing area geometry on Onderon thanks to JCarter426s way too good eyes :D
* During the LS conversation with Kavar, asking about Telos no longer locks I saw the holorecording of my trial. It will instead lock if you ask that.
* Dxun camp: The Gate Guard and Patrol guard will now keep patrolling after being talked to, rather than permanently stop at that point.
* Onderon Western Merchant Quarters: Fixed error with citizen dialogue not looping properly.

* When the Handmaiden apprehends Kreia, she should have her hood down. It wasnt working however, since the animation was set for the Handmaidens event instead of the Handmaiden one.
* Zherron will now take the will and bodies out of the players hands when receiving an unmodified will, instead of having you drag them through the entire game fake will worked fine.
* Fixed issue with restored Vrook line not turning him hostile properly in the cave.
* Fixed infinite Kinrath crystal spawn bug.
* Fixed HKs infront of the academy not updating questlog if 3rd group display issue, the cutscene would have still triggered on the Hawk.
* During the jedi academy reveil, added clairvoyance effect if Kreia was not in party, and it no longer loops the animated camera thanks danil-ch.
* During rebuild enclave, removed 3rd party member if entering with Kreia, as she was getting in their pathings way.
* Mandalore can no longer run away from his solo-fight.

Ravager and Malachor:
* Modified broken soundsets.
* Set hyperspace as EH background when leaving, so its used during the pre-Malachor cutscene.
* Modified Mandalore-takedown.
* You can no longer start the battle with Nihilus without him draining you since thats the ingame way to tell why the exile can defeat Nihilus when no-one else can.
* Made the fade-in node unskippable since you could, and never make the fade-in.
* Expanded the kneel and get drained a bit, instead of it instantly leading to combat.
* Theres no long pause after killing Visas.
* Visas Suicide; Users where the animation fails no saber, no clothing, etc will no longer be stuck on a blackscreen.
* Visas Suicide; Users where the animation works will no longer see Visas falling to the ground twice before dying.
* Changed Mira camera angle during her lift.
* Fixed issue with team turning off their lightsabers if Mira was not in the party during Malachor.
* Light side players will no longer throw the endboss down the core of Malachor.

В течении недели постараюсь данный изменения перевести .

Моды, несовместимые с данным патчем:

* Ultimate Saber Mod by ChAiNz, D333, Sep, Svosh, T7
* TSL Un-Restored Content TSL:URC by Zbyl2
* Ravager Rewrite 2.0 by Zbyl2
* Peragus-Harbringer-Prologue Correction Mod by Ulic
* Trayus Academy Clothing Fix by SithRevan
* Dark Apprentice Holowan Consortium
* Lonna Vash Mod by Sikon
* Force Fashion II by jonathan7, Marius Fett and Ender Wiggin
* Nar Shaddaa Hidden Complex by FrantFire
* Get your lightsaber back from Atris by Lit Ridl
* Darth Sion vs Master Vash by zbyl2
* Khoonda Lost rooms by Darth_Tartarus
* 90SKs SUPER Content Mod
* Telos Shuttle Crash Movie Fix by Zbyl2 & DarthParametric
* Slender Female Bodies
* Telos Polar Sidequest
* HOTOR 1.6 by Qui Don Jorn

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