Crysis: Cuban-Ultima-Doom-Swords CCC v2.21 для Crysis

Установка и инструкции


An easy-to-use installer/uninstaller and OFFICIAL SUPPORT THREAD for Cuban-Ultima-Doom-Arch-Assassin-Taowolf-Swords Custom Crysis Config [CCC] Tweak v2.21.


-Allows the user to select DX9.0 or DX10 Configuration files; -Allows the user to select a Configuration file according to their computers performance; -Injects UltimaRages Time of Day modification, if selected; -Allows the user to add Doomlord or Assassins AI Tweaks.
-Optimized code.
-Fixed compatibility issues on Windows Vista machines, with UAC enabled.
-Allows user to revert the installation completely, without having to back up their entire Crysis folder


1. Use WinRAR to Extract the file completely!
2. Start the Installer, run through it and when its done...
3. Play the game, and ENJOY.

*You can switch the LVL config you want at any time just Reinstall and do not select the TOD.*

LVL-1 = VERY-LOW For Low-end PC. [CPU]x1 [RAM]1GB Min [GPU]8600/8500 256MB and up.
LVL-2 = LOW For Slow Gaming-PCs. [CPU]x2 [RAM]1GB [GPU]8800GT 256-320MB, 7950GT & up
LVL-3 = MEDIUM ForGood Gaming-PC. [CPU]x2 [RAM]2GB & up [GPU]8800GT/GTS [old]320-640MB
LVL-4 = HIGH For Great Gaming-PC. [CPU]x2-x4 [RAM]2GB & up [GPU]8800GT/GTS [g92]512 & up
LVL-5 = HIGH+For Great Gaming-PC. [CPU]x2-x4 [RAM]2GB & up [GPU]8800GT/GTS [g92]512 & up
LVL-6 = VERYHIGH FOR FUTURE Gaming PCs[CPU]x2-4 [RAM]2GB-4 & up [GPU]8800Ultra & up.

Additional Credits:

-Cuban_Legend Original/Legacy config structure
-UltimaRage TODs
-Doomlord52 AI Tweaks
-Arch Installer Programmer
-The Assassin 47 Custom Realsitic Shadow Tweaks
-Taowolf51 Hybrid HDR and Visual Optimizations to TOD
-SwordSaintSlayer Tweaking expertise and Rigorous ATi Level Testing

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