Crysis: European Nature Set v0.3 для Crysis

Установка и инструкции

Дополнение, которое делает из джунглей природу европейского типа.

michi:be released the brand new v0.3 - Shiny Pine tree package.

They are fully prepared to fit your maps and needs plus the biggest improvement to v0.2a is the reworked texture. This release should also fit well into the Exodus tree pack we are not related or working together and its visual style to give the community a wide possibility to create the stuff they have in mind with an artistic style that does not look puzzled together. Also theres now SSS and an additional snowy tree set. Breakability of trees depends on their scaling.

* 1 Cropfield
* 6 Pines breakable
* 5 Snowy Pines breakable
* All source files .max

Changelog v0.3:
- pine_e_breakable
- pine_f_breakable
- snowy trees
- sub surface scattering
- normalmap
- specularmap

- diffuse texture

- old textures
- .max files now in own release

Installation guide:

1. Go to your Crysis game folder -> Electronic Arts -> Crytek -> Crysis -> Game.
2. Copy the downloaded object file into the current game folder Game.

На странице вы можете найти и скачать Crysis: European Nature Set v0.3 для Crysis.


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