Max Pains Modded GTA3 для Grand Theft Auto 3

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Мод-пак. Список изменений из оригинального файла описания:

-=Vehicle models and textures=-
Pan Atlantic - 05 Ford Mustang GT by AdR
Taxi - Peugeot 406 by Asche
Triad Fish Van - Black Toyota Supra by Asche
Cheetah - Porsche Carrera GT by Black_Venom
Coach - Wohnmobil by Black Cruiser
RC Bandit - Plymouth Prowler by Blaer
Moonbeam - Ford Expedition by ckflite
Flatbed - Flatbed w/ ramp by DieselGT
Manana - Shelby GT500 by DMagic1
Trashmaster - Junk Truck by Fastmandan
Stinger - 96 Eclipse FnF by Fivespeed
Blista - Honda NSX by Fivespeed
Toyz - Coca-Cola Toyz by gobby
Rhino - Sarin MMX2 by illspirit
Barracks OL - Sarin XTV by illspirit
BF : Injection - Ford Monster Truck by Infi
Infernus - Dodge Viper GTS by Jack Rabbitz
Cartel Cruiser - Mitsubishi Galant SR by Jonny52002
Hoods Rumpo XL - MINI Cooper S by Jon Mace
Yankee - new model by Krl99
Banshee - Lamborghini Murcielago by M4ck
Dodo - USAF F-16 by Mabefge
Mr. Wongs - Pennzoil Nismo GT-R by majestik
Borgnine - Calsonic Skyline GT-R by majestik
Patriot - Stretch Hummer by minimali5tix
Sentinel - Subaru Impreza Rally by Mitch
Perennial - Toyota Supra FnF by nietzko
Stallion - 69 Dodge Charger FnF by nietzko
Stretch - Mercedes Limo by O-Bart
Pony - Mercedes-Benz E320 by rec3d
Landstalker - Jeep Grand Cherokee by RusLev
FBI Car - Mercedes C200 Elegance by Sin5k4
Diablo Stallion - Motorcycle by Skizot Enigma
Idaho - Mercedes SL 500 by Son-Storm
Mafia Sentinel - BMW M3 by Son-Storm
Esperanto - Ford GT40 by Yazu
Yakuza Stinger - Lamborghini Diablo VT6.0 by Yazu
Mule - Aston Martin Vanquish V12 by Yazu/Toope
Kuruma - Koenigsegg CC 8s by Yazu/Toope
Cabbie - Mercury Grand Marquis 81 by YoYo
Police Car - AMC Matador 71 by YoYo
Rumpo - Chevrelot Bel Air 57 by YoYo
Yardie Lobo - Dodge Super Bee 70 by YoYo
Linerunner - Freightliner by YoYo
Bobcat - 49 Ford F150 by YoYo
Mr. Whoopee - Fresh Drinks by ???
Securicar - Brinks by ???
Ambulance, firetruck, bus, enforcer, airtrain & police chopper - new textures

models not changed : boats

-=Game textures=-
-added new reflection map
-new moon texture
-replaced water texture with better looking one
-added some palm trees
-radar changed with GPS Color Radar v2.0
-new grass and road texturesnot really noticeable
-bot dodo changed to a GoodYear blimp
-car from Dead Skunk in the Trunk to Ford Gran Torino 76by Yoyo
-added a sunken ship next to Dino Island
-new weapon models and textures
-Greasy Joes Restaurant to McDonalds
-Punk Noodles to Burger King
-Liberty City Bank to Bank of America
-SupaSave to Wal*Mart
-Petrol station to Shell Gas Station
-Payn Spray to Maaco Auto Painting & Bodyworks
-Joeys Auto Painting to Midas - Car Experts
-Easy Credit Autos to Hertz Car Sales
-tw@t cafe to Dell Computer Store
-Uncle BJs to Audi Parts & Service
-Portland main strip all changed with new textures.
-Chinatown changed with new textures.
-hideout magazines replaced with PCGamer
-All ads have been changed with new ones.
-changed the warehouses in Shoreside to Coca-Cola, UPS, and more
-much more I cant remember:-

-=Map mods=-
Bridge to Ghost Town by Homer Simpson
illando by illspirit
Dragstrip by Jonny52002
Circle Track Beta 1 by Killer Bug
World Trade Center by marki
Shoreside Bridge by MrMilti
Ultimate Stuntpark by Odie
Statue of Liberty by Odie
Stairs to Donald Loves Roof by Peter Magenheimer
SSV Sniping Post by Peter Magenheimer
Dino Island by RESpawn
Bridge to Lighthouse by The Loch Ness Monster
Werre Coaster by Werre
Werre Temple by Werre
Eiffel Tower by ???
Portland-Staunton-Shoreside Bridges by ???

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Grand Theft Auto 3
Дата выхода PC игры: 20 мая 2002

Grand Theft Auto 3 - игра жанра Экшен / Action, Игры 2002 года от разработчика Rockstar Games.

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