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Мод-пак. Список изменений из оригинального файла описания:


ALL cars have been changed for new ones - each one with unique handling, colors and wheels.

Lamborghini Murcielago and Diablo VT6.0 - Porsche Carrera GT
Opel Speedster - Dodge Viper GTS - Ferrari F355 - BMW Z8
Plymouth Prowler - Mercedes-Benz SL500 - Aston Martin Vanquish V12

Lexus LS430 - BMW 760Li - Mercedes-Benz C200 - Land Rover Freelander
BMW M3 - Skoda Octavia - VW Passat - Mitsubishi Galant - MINI Cooper S

Big/worker cars:
Mercedes-Benz Actros - Orange Flatbed - Kamaz 55111 - new Trashmaster
Group 4securitas Securicar - Coca Cola Truck - Chevrolet S-10 - City Bus

Public services:
New Ambulance - new Fire Truck - Police Ford Crown Victoria - T-80
SWAT Van new Enforcer - FBI BMW M5 - Army Truck new Barracks OL
Peugeot 406 Taxi - Ford Crown Victoria Taxi - Mercedes-Benz A-Class Taxi

Special cars:
Sarin XTV - RC Peugeot 205 - Monster Truck - F-16 - Hummer - new Train
Family Frost Van new Mr.Whoopee - Toyz Mercedes-Benz Sprinter

Gang cars:
Cartel Jeep Grand Cherokee - Diablos Ford Mustang GT Concept 2005
Hoods Seat Leon Cupra R - Triad Mercedes-Benz Actros - Mafia Audi S8
Laundry Mercedes-Benz Sprinter - Panlantic Mercedes-Benz Sprinter
Yakuza Toyota Supra Veilside - Yardie Chevrolet Monte Carlo


RGTA includes brand new weapons - crowbar, Desert Eagle, uzi KG-9, shotgun Battle 7, MP5,
Sig551, rocket launcher M79, sniper Rifle PSG-1, L2A2 grenades, new molotov and lamethrower
model! The weapons are more effective by 50% on average, so now its really dangerous to hang
in the area of hostile gangs! You need only few bullets from any weapons to die...but in opposite, youre invincible if you can use your weapons well!


These objects have been added to the city:
- Statue of Liberty - this awesome NYs statue has moved to Liberty City:- You can find it on
new island near the Kenjis casino its even marked on radar!, so you must use a boat to get
there. There are some useful historical and technical information on statues pedestal. If you
want to see whole Liberty City from the birds-eye, use stairs to get into statues head or torch!
But dont fall down!
- The idea of many players its finally in the game - jump ramp to Liberty Island;. Just take
very fast car and try to be accurate in targeting the ramp - you go wrong speed or direction,
and you wont land by the Statue of will fall into water:-. If youll start new
game,there will be a boat by the Liberty Island ready to get you back to Staunton.
- New bridge - its placed in Shoreside Vale and its VERY useful, because its connecting your
hideout to the main road near the Francis Int. Airport. If you use Yakuza Toyota Supra Veilside,
you can get to Staunton from Shoreside in few seconds!!!

These new buildings are included:
Completely redesigned rich quarter in SV - gas station Shell - Canadian hotels
Coca Cola factory - Quelle store - IKEA - 2x OBI Market - 2x Media Markt
NetCafe - 4x Sparkasse bank - Kenvelo shop - CineStar cinema - Euro Express building
Fast-food Nordsee, 2x McDonalds and 2x Pizza Hut - Ford service - Mercedes Taxis

- New in-game menus and loading screens
- In-game texts changed to fit the RGTA
- New billboards, posters and advertisements all over Liberty City
- Water has got a new color
- All tress have been changed to beautiful palms
- Ugly grey rocks/cliffs are now beige like in Greece;
- Roads look more modern
- Pipes in water have been deleted - you can travel by boat everywhere you want
- El Burros xxx magazines are Playboy magz, poster of naked Christina Aquilera added at hideout
- Mail boxes belongs to Euro Express
- New helicopters at airport
- New pager by CityGear
- New crosshairs for rocket launcher and sniper rifle
- Default ugly radar is now color and very detailed! Roads are white, building are orange, grass is green, water is blue and places of interest are purple

...and many more mods!!!

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