CS Pod Bot v.2.5 для Counter-Strike

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Changes in this version:

+ FIXED: Ignoring of the BotSpray Variable
+ FIXED: Wrong Gravity after turning off Fun-Modes
+ FIXED: Having 2 skills when minbotskill = maxbotskill
+ FIXED: Getting the Enemy instantly when being shot
+ FIXED: Nasty Bug in the firing Routine which messed up Reaction Times & kept Bots from shooting sometimes
+ FIXED: Resetting time to reach when being stuck causing Bots remaining stuck & doing unnecessary jumps
+ FIXED: CT Bomb Spot Selection when using Experience Files
+ FIXED: Bugs & Problems with linked Lists, causing Memory Leaks and random crashes
+ FIXED: Bots tracking Enemies through Obstacles when camping/hiding
+ FIXED: All Turns/Movements Frame Independant
+ FIXED: Bugs in weapon buying on AS Maps
+ FIXED: First Bot on dedicated Server not moving properly
+ FIXED: Team mismatch when collecting experience
+ FIXED: Para/SG550 buying Bug when weapon restriction on
+ FIXED: Not dropping primary weapon for new one on the ground in extreme situations
+ Optimized Player Avoidance a bit
+ Major Rewrite of the debugging core
+ Complete rewritten Burst Firing, now includes non-automatic weapons and distance to target
+ Extended Hearing code to include Sounds like Opening Doors, Ladders and a lot more thanks killaruna!
+ Added some more dynamic Symbols to the Chatsystem and a Name Humanizer
+ Extended Chatsystem to have Bots Reply to user customizeable Keywords + Bots chat with each other when spectating heavily inspired by ParaBot from killaruna again!
+ Smarter Grenade Usage. Bots try to surprise enemies and cancel grenading if they think it wont succeed
+ Movement now pretty much point precise
+ Changed Bot DS CVAR and some other stuff to be more compatible to Botmaster5000
+ Ladder climbing should now handle even difficult stuff
+ Added Bot Weapon Mode Menu
+ Removed Bugs in the Aiming Code
+ Added waypoint teleport
+ Redid Bot Task/Schedule System resulting in more careful Bots etc.
+ All Radios Commands from 1.4x work again like GetInPosition...
+ Bots defend the planted Bomb and the guy whos defusing
+ CT Bots hear the planted Bomb
+ Increased Shooting Precision when using zoomed Sniper Weapon
+ Each Team selects a Leader Bot which issues some basic Radio Orders

На странице http://game-score.ru/mods/158791-cs-pod-bot-v25.html вы можете найти и скачать CS Pod Bot v.2.5 для Counter-Strike.


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